Health care starts at home

Turn on the T.V open up the newspaper and you will see talks on our health
care system. There is one way to fix the system. YOU! You need to take better
care of yourself, physically and mentally. You’ll always hear people saying
what if I get hurt or sick. What if you don’t ?

We have made ourselves sick through our lifestyles and have no one to blame but
ourselves. We spend to much time eating and not exercising ,we spend to much
time drinking and smoking and there’s a wonder why we need so much health

Being sick is unnatural. If  it was natural we would be more sick then not. But the
best is all excuses that people will give. Almost everyone is on some type of
medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety,depression, ADD, ADHD
the list goes on.

Most of the time these are self produced by lifestyle. You are the reason health care
is so high. If you don’t get sick then health care cost you nothing. But if every time
you feel stressed and you run to the doctor for a prescription for depression ,your
a fool.

Obesity has got to be the biggest factor in most peoples problems. Obesity is not
a disease it cause’s disease’s. You cause disease’s. We are at the mercy of the
government and who ever else makes the rules and laws.

There are people that do need health care. Take care of them. But if you are
an offender and don’t care about what you eat or drink then don’t use the
health care system -suffer you probably did it yourself.

Stop making excuses for your life. Do what needs to be done.

Johnny Grube

Let’s here your opinions


  1. Robert Courtright says

    Johnny Grube,
    I agree OBESITY is HUGE health care problem costing us billions. Last week I took my family to the beach for a couple of days. Sad to say most people are out of shape and obese. I used a life guard tower to do various pushups incline handstands etc.

    I have been doing Wildman workouts for a couple of years. I dont remember when I started. That plus good eating habits keeps my weight down and I am strong healthy and feel good, but still look to improve.

    Some people have asked how I got and keep in good shape but few are willing to make the committment. I believe it has to be a way of life. A couple of freinds workout with me and have gotten great results. Others I know tried it but quit because it’s too hard. I figure they didnt really want to change. Anyway keep up the good work.
    Bob C

  2. John Brennan says

    You’re right, John. I work in an office and there is a bar just down the road. Every 30 or 40 minutes the smokers come out for a cigarette, and there is a lot of laughing and coughing, and then after 10 minutes or so it goes quiet again. Most of these are dole scroungers, living off my taxes. In a few years they will be getting their obese bodies sorted out, again thanks to my taxes.
    People should have to contribute to their healthcare in proportion to the amount they cause their own problems, but thats too straightforward for most governments to grasp.
    Keep up the good work.

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