Heavy Bag Slams/Ab Wheel Rollouts

Like it or not workouts like this are effective building strength and
and a high level of conditioning.

5 – 70 lb Heavy bag slams
10 Ab Wheel Rollouts

10 rounds as fast as possible

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube


  1. why no standing ab wheel roll-outs?

  2. God bless you Mr.Grube! Awesome real world tough as nails conditioning …me and my pals have been doing rounds of “MIlling” which is 60 sec of all out attack no clinching dodging retreating or blocking….wanted to know what you thought of milling sir!

  3. well, sounds more like a pussy workout to me.
    don´t be afraid of the really harder versions of your basic exercises: standing ab-wheel, one arm push ups, hanging leg raises, full pull ups (not the half rep bs), l-sits, one leg squats…

  4. Troy please show us a video of YOU doing ANY of the things that you mention…until then shut your mouth!

  5. why?
    does a video justify my words?

    Doing kneeling ab-wheel rollouts for years without progressing to harder variations is a waste of time.
    but thats just my opinion. you can have yours. no problem.

  6. Hey Troy, Maybe ill do 500 to 600
    from the knee position, still you a
    German man allowing Muslims to
    rape your women while still never
    showing what you are capable of.

    Yes words mean nothing if you can’t
    show what you speak.

    And the other day I did a standing rollout
    And held the position for about 5 seconds on youtube.
    again where is your video?

    After 35 years I do what I want and I have
    done all the things you wish you could.

  7. yeah, right.
    lucky for your women, they only get raped by smart, non-muslim, people like you.
    ask the women you know, what they prefer.
    i bet, they do not care, if its a muslim rape, or an i – am- doing -pussy- workouts- and- show -off -because -i -have -nothing -else- to- d-o in- life -and- need- the- attention- dude rape.

    get your facts right and don´t believe everything.

    still, a very entertaining site. thanks!

  8. THORS HAMMER says

    Troy is weak….pathetic….hard gymnastics were born in germany…but where is video of your ability? And would you do something about letting those weak Arab faggots take over your once proud country, its embarrassing…MAN UP REPEL THE INVADERS OR AMERICA WILL HAVE TO SAVE YOU GERMANS AGAIN!

  9. save the germans again?
    yeah, right. next time, try to pay attention in history class and buy some extra books, to fully understand what happened.
    try to understand past and present in the context of history, and you will see, that the us of a is responsible for most of the problems in the world.

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