Bull Shit! High rep Bodyweight Training will get you strong?

Bull shit! For the past 17 years I have done 99.9 % of my training using high reps. For the experts that tell
you calisthenics only condition are so far off, and you know why because most can’t stomach through
the pain. It’s much easier to spend 5 seconds doing heavy bench presses and spend 3 minutes walking
back and forth to the water fountain by the big mirrors dropping a triceps pose as they walk by.

Another thing is that most so called experts will tell you to lift weights to build muscle and strengthen
bone, isn’t your bodyweight weight? Do you really think that your body knows the difference of what’s
being used? Does it only respond to traditional weights? Kettle bells? Chains around your neck?
No it will respond to logs, rocks, bodyweight, sand filed pails a trash can full of trash! Your body
doesn’t know, you know.

I can care less anymore about lifting as heavy as possible, it never helped me in any way other than
to fill  my ego. I have a story as to why I changed. I actually train this way, most of the others selling
bodyweight training programs use them once in a while or once a week. Don’t believe me check out
their websites and how they really train. Bodyweight training is tough, it’s unforgiving but will give
fast results.

Try listening to someone that has used it every single day for 17 years  and not to the men that tell you
you have to do other things to get strong. Who has all day to train? I don’t.  For my money using
my bodyweight is how I’m going.

Bodyweight training is not gym training, bodyweight training is different and if you try and train
like gym training more rest time than work time, you will not get the benefit of an ass kicking workout.

I have story after story of police, martial artists, military etc of getting stronger quicker and faster
than ever before their bodies are rebuilding even have a story of a state policeman who figured out
that after years of bodyweight training he can now bend steel! So, yes it works.

Until the low rep trainers, kettle bellers, so called body builders can prove to me that I an a physically
weak man from 17 years of bodyweight training I might change my mind. if over the years of the videos
I have posted show I’m weak than I’m so far lost in a world of fairy tales I should start jogging and join a
gym and get in line to use the bench press.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




  1. Even with weights I found I got better results from high reps. Science won’t back that up but as far as I’m concerned when it comes to working out experience beats science every time.

  2. Tony Villafranca says

    Yes, I am 50 years old and have been bodyweight training for most of my life. I lifted weights alot too, but I would always get weightifting related injuries. In bodyweight training I have been able to workout injury free and I am stronger now more than ever.

  3. Hi wildman I have been asking this question for a while and no one on any site have responded to me on any of those site but I found this site which seems to be a lovely site to follow I bought a pullup chinup bar and am doing pushups and pullups I use an pushup app on my fone which is very intense I got a cross bar and dumbells but I don’t have a bench cause where am renting I can’t have these things in here here is to small but to cut to the chase all I realy want to know is how far can pushups pullups and barbell rows take me can I archieve pecs I can be happy with doin pushups can I get nice lats by doin barbell rows or pullups just want to know how far bodyweight can take me.thanks…if you can reply via my email would be great thanks…

  4. Test it yourself and you will see that hi reps over time build tendon, ligament and muscular strength as well as stamina-what Johnny G calls “conditioned strength”. As far as cosmetics or building muscle some say that more resistance and lower reps are necessary to stimulate fast twitch fibers. If that is true the remedy is simply to add some more difficult movements such as one arm pushups or hand stand pushups.

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  6. High rep body weight conditioning is best. So is tension using body weight. Want super strong joints, tendons, muscle? Body weight training and body weight tension training is the best.

  7. Everyone is different, for some weights are better than bodyweight and for others bodyweight is better for them

  8. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    Weight training in a gym doesn’t come close to bodyweight training. I can’t believe how many years I wasted in a gym, doing so many isolation exercises which limited my growth. Oh well, better late than never.

  9. This is very true . Unless you want to get on the stage in your underpants then conventional bodybuilding is pointless . Just look at the guys on the monkey bars , they look better than most ppl in gyms and all they do is bodyweight excercises . Daily pushups pullups and dips will build a better body then guys focusing on isolation at the gym . If you want to just focus on mass U can aways split your workouts to create more volume . I assure you an hour of pushups will leave your chest aching . If you need lower reps for whatever reason get weight belts n weight vest . And if you rly need heavy iron stick to the basics and do them for low volume 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps but just do them occasionaly to test your strength .

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  11. Quality post mate. I have trained bodyweight only for 4 years now and have never been fitter stronger or leaner. Before I trained with weights and mainly kettlebells, I hit lots of good times on kbell sport but had constant neck, back, shoulder and knee pain and a gut! Had I have attempted a pistol squat I would have collapsed. Now my joints and tendons are rock solid. Fuck the huge bellied benchers swaggering round looking like they have a carpet under each arm.

  12. Iv been doing bodyweight training for 3 months now(switched from weight lifting for mma) and iv been searching the internet for some reassuring words like these ,thank you brother nice to finally hear someone with experience give advise for once, i much prefer the high intensity of body weight training much more satisfying.Im seeing great results, i just needed to silence that little bro science voice in the back of my head telling me my strength is going to disappear.

  13. lookie here

  14. I completely agree, bodyweight rules!

    High rep training is way more difficult than lifting for low reps. You really have to have your head in the game. That’ why it’s so fun.

    Keep it up

  15. Yes.

    This is true.

    This is confirmed and verified by:
    Herschel Walker
    Mike Tyson
    Muhammad Ghulam
    Dan Gable
    Manohar Aich
    Rocky Balboa
    Andrew Tate
    Dave Goggins

    List goes on and on.

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