Honor The Strong Men That Came Before You

After you have read this short post, you will feel pissed off at the downfall of what men have become!

First, do you think your dad or grandfather would sit in a coffee shop drinking a “Soy Latte” with whipped cream?

If he did, you wouldn’t be here!

A man’s job is to be the workhorse, the protector, to work and to stay strong physically and mentally, because a weak man is an ineffective man.

A weak man doesn’t take responsibility, he makes excuses, he is never responsible, he uses outside sources for happiness like booze or drugs, watches porn and maybe gambles or does all!

A weak man will walk away from his family and his responsibility, he let’s his family struggle because he is useless, he allows others to provide and protect his family, this man can never be considered a man!

A strong man’s job is to earn as much money as he is capable of earning, to continue getting stronger physically and mentally to build on his skill to become more valuable to society.

Very few successful men ever work an eight hour work day!

Eight hours is the minimum a man should work, and if it isn’t enough to support himself or his family he needs a second job or a third job!

With a 168 hours in a week a 40 hour work week is weak!

Today’s men complain like little babies if tbey don’t have more free time!

That is a big problem today, people think working an eight hour day entitles them to free time, it does if you can support your lifestyle, if you can’t you aren’t entitled to free time.

Men today sit around unemployed looking for a “career” when what they need is a fucking job! Any fucking job, that pays money!

Young men today are always sick, they are weak, they miss work.

In the last 32 years of work I have called out less then 10 times and probably only five of those times, was sick!

I the last 10 years I missed one day, and used a vacation day!

Most off the missed days were my younger days, the older I get the less I miss.

Shit, the trucks I drive miss more work than me!

Men today lack pride and self respect!

How can anyone feel like a man doing the least he can do for his family.

These men are not respected, not by men, their women or their kids!

You made a commitment to your family, now honor your fucking commitment!

If you have friends like this, lose them as friends, they are weak and will drag you down.

Useless men are useless to society!

Honor your ancetors, and the strong men that came before you!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Well said Grube. I have been doing isometrics religiously, and I am pushing to hold the horse stance and the push up hold for 5 mins each without fucking up. I am close, today I am gonna push to doing 4 min for each.

  2. Marovsky says

    Another thing to add, I did the 50 rep ab wheel challenge again. Before I say the time, I do my ab wheel rollouts the way Bob Backlund does them, keeping the hips hanging down. The first time I did the ab wheel rollouts, I have done them in “perfect form,” and my lower back felt weird, so I have seen how Backlund does his ab wheel rollouts and it seems to work for me, doing them while keeping my hips hanging down throughout also makes me keep the stress on the arms and upper back. Anyway, I got the 50 reps done in 48.02 seconds.


  3. Perfect? Says who? Bob Backlund was the first I watched do the Ab wheel in the late 70’s few even have the right to claim expert at the Ab wheel.

    48 seconds is flying!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. If a man hasn’t gotten his shit together yet he doesn’t deserve free time . Men that don’t provide are not men . I am seeing more & more men with foodstamp cards . Some working , some not . These shit bags are happy working 15 hours a week and getting foodstamps. Dam shame what men have become

  5. I’ve been in my current job for 14 months ( ever since the shop opened ) and I just won employee of the month for being the only person who never had a day off. Frankly I don’t think that’s an achievement , it’s only what you should expect , but none of the 100 + employees who have been through the store in that time have managed it and most of them are half my age.

  6. My wife has NEVER called off of work! She was a stay at home mom until the kids were in school, then she worked part time then when the kids got older she went to work full time.

    My wife has a work ethic stronger than most men!

  7. Marovsky says

    I am one step close to holding the push up hold and horse stance for 5 minutes and beyond.

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