How 3 minutes of Bodyweight Training will give you guaranteed results.

The word discipline has become a foreign word. The number one thing slipping in our
lives is our health and fitness. We are more sick and fatter then ever before, and the only
one we can blame is ourselves.

We need to take back our lives and get back on track. We need to sit back for a moment
and really find out what needs to be done to get us going  in the right direction.

We have become a weak country both physically and mentally. We won’t push any farther
then we need to. We only do the bare minimum. We won’t step outside our comfort zone.

If you really think about it. What really does come easy without hard work ?

One thing that can get us to feel better is exercise and eating healthier. An exercise program
will work wonders if you stick with it. So how do you stick with it ? You do a little everyday
to build up momentum. ” That’s right exercise a little everyday”.

Before you make any excuse about having time to devote to exercise, let me stop you there.
I’m not talking about going to the gym. I’m not talking about buying any equipment. What
you need you already own.

Introducing the 640 extreme muscle machine. And it’s all you will ever need. It’s your body.
And 640 I’m referring to the amount of muscles in your body.

Using your own bodyweight will give you the greatest results in the quickest possible time. But just
like anything else the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

The great thing about using your own bodyweight is that it only takes minutes a day. All it takes is a
simple concept and hard work for guaranteed results. You have 1 to 15 minutes a day, right?

This will work for just about everyone. Pick an exercise, pushups, crunches, stepups, squats etc.
Figure out how much time you can devote to exercise daily. Some days you might have 5 minutes
maybe 15 minutes or some days you may have only 1 minute at a time. If you do have only one
minute use it and exercise.

How can 1 minute of exercise do anything ? First of all have you ever tried do 1 minute of pushups ?
How about Bodyweight squats ? Whens the last time you did a sprint for 1 minute? Now that one minute
doesn’t sound so simple does it ?

So what if you did a minute of exercise three different times a day. One time in the morning, another at
lunch and one more minute before dinner. Is that possible ? YES ! Could you do 3 minutes tomorrow ?
and the next day? On the weekend, could you squeeze in maybe 5 minutes on Saturday and Sunday?

So if you did a little as exercise for one minute 3 times a day and 10 minutes on the weekend, that’s
25 minutes a week. Can you handle that? If you just pushups 3 times a day at 25 that’s 75 times that
into 7 days that’s 525 pushups a week and 27,375 pushups a year!! Only exercising 3 minutes a day.

Pretty amazing. Now don’t you think as you exercise for 3 minutes these pushups will get easier? You
know they will. Just a little everyday will continue to build on it’s self. You will become more fit you
will want to eat better you will want to go longer when you can.

Give yourself 3 minutes a day and see how you progress. After one week you will be able to do 30 and so
on. Simple, yet effective.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Max Glover says

    “We have become a weak country both physically and mentally. We won’t push any farther then we need to. We only do the bare minimum. We won’t step outside our comfort zone.”

    It’s a sad state of affairs that this statement is true to the vast majority of the population, I can say the same for the UK as well. It annoys me when people say they haven’t got the time, or the money to get fit. These are people who work say, 30-40 hours a week. There a 168 hours in a week. So they’re cleary talking nonsense. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was working a full time day job, full time night job, and a part time day job resulting in a 120 hour working week. Yes, I was tired and not getting a great deal of sleep, but still a few minutes of press ups and pull ups works wonders, and keeps you ticking. short bursts of intense excercise like sprints, as you mentioned, will in my opinion be far more beneficial for your heart,lungs and muscles than a slow paced jog for half 45 minutes or whatever.

    My coworkers, used to think I was mad, training on my break instead of collapsing into a chair. But in my opinion, they’re the mad ones for being so lazy. But each to their own.

    Thanks again John

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