How Long Will You Be Durable Enough To Kick Ass?

You won’t see many men training like this just off the cuff, I always look for things to do during my day to stay young and be able to still do the things as a teenager.

And unlike MOST men I can actually say I was always in shape, even in grade school, was always one of the fastest and the strongest, only the older kids were stronger or faster, very rarely was a kid my age stronger or faster.

Bragging? No, just telling you I’m not one of those “Trainers” that had sand kicked in his face and went to the gym and all of sudden started wearing tighter shirts walking with their chest out, oh and by the way, if you were slapped around as a scrawny little dude muscles won’t stop you from getting smacked around, knowing how to fight will.

So watch your muscled up mouth don’t get you beat the fuck up!

Anyhow, I will turn 50 next month and I’m still rowdy, I was put here to raise hell and break shit, when you get to 50 and still feel 20 years old physically, except for a few nagging injuries you are doing good!

Men get old in the mind way before they get old in the body, once they decide they are old, they start to function like older men, getting fatter, drinking more beer, acting like they are still 20, even got a big mouth and have the conditioning of a fat beer drinking man, they can’t fight and they can no longer fuck!

A man should be able to fight and fuck into old age!

Spartan Warrior men fought in the army until 60!

Men in their 30’s can’t get off the couch unless its to get a bag of Doritos to watch the football game, and I’m sure someone has pulled a hamstring getting of the couch!

Always look for training opportunities.

And if you are not a soy filled man, and actually have kids or grand kids use the park while hanging with your kids.

See if you can climb poles hand over hand, a few pullups, swing pushups, Modified bodyweight rows Samson Chair, anything is better than your face down in your smart phone checking bullshit social media!

Fight Until The End, Never Let Them See You Weak!

Johnny Grube


  1. I love to push myself through exhaustion, that feeling, its indescribable.

  2. Marovsky keep kicking ass!

  3. That fucking line right there…… (Always look for training opportunities)

    That right there is an article in itself. Fucking awesome article John . Keep them coming

  4. May sound unbelievable, just did 250 push ups without stopping, and again, range of motion is irrelevant.

  5. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Crom bless you Mr.Grube!!!!!!! Fucking awesome post as usual! Truth RED HOT SEARING TRUTH!!!!

  6. Appalachian Wildman I will always throw out the truth no matter how much people get offended.

  7. That urge to get stronger always races through my blood! I feel awakened and alive as a wild animal!!


  8. Glen MacCharles says

    Awesome article

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