How Much Weight Can You Move In Under 5 Minutes?

If I’m going to train my training has to be useful for my lifestyle, most laborers are strong enough, but they lack good eating habits, drink to much and lack conditioning.

So I have become the king of short daily workouts, in under 5 minutes you can get done a workout and get out to work.

Today after 250 Back Pack Deadlifts with a 55 lb Back Pack standing on 12″ stools in under 4 1/2 minutes, I stepped down in wobbly legs, and on to a day of manual labor!

55 lbs at 250 times = 13,750 lbs weight moved, let’s put in perspective.

To move the same weight:

250 lbs = 55 times

300 lbs = 46 times

400 lbs = 35 times

500 lbs = 28 times

Now think about that,  it needs to be done in under 5 minutes.

Little different when you see it would take world class strong man to get those numbers with heavier weights.

And I’m just a manual laborer who weighs around 160 lbs.

Stay tuned for 1,000 reps coming soon!

Johnny Grube



  1. Great post as usual John Grube. Yep, high reps are the king for strength and conditioning. Manual labors deserve respect when it comes to strength.

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