How to become more athletic and explosive with these.

How to become more athletic and explosive with these.

I love taking simple exercises and making them ass kickers.

I love the jump rope and for about $ 4.00 you can get a
speed rope and all the athletic, not to mention fat
burning workout.

If you add plyometric pushups with the jump rope now
you have a chance to become athletic, burn fat, save
lean muscle and build explosive power and build a high
level of stamina, muscular endurance all in one simple

The workout is a simple concept but will test even the fittest.

Jump Rope 100 times as fast as possible, keep the knees high.

Drop down for 10 plyometric pushups:

Hands close, regular, wide,then staggered each arm.

Repeat this for 10 rounds non stop.

At the end of the workout work a little harder, always finish
your workout strong. When your strong at the end nothing will
stop you.

Watch this video of the jump rope/ plyometric pushup workout
and do it just as I did.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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