I Believe Step ups/ Ab Wheel Rollouts Are SuperMan Builders

Men need to train, they need to be functional, they need to thrive outside the gym.

I don’t think is a better way to get stronger and more conditioned then loading yourself up with weight and doing Step ups, walking steps, climbing hills, and hiking!

I know of know better way to get strong for every out door environment than weighting yourself down and walking.

I love Step ups they are great with out destroying your knees and is natural a movement, that will build a great amount of “Conditioned Strength” I would put weighted stepups and an wheel rollouts as two of best exercises for keeping you physically and mentally better anything else.

Workout: 250 Weighted Stepups/100 Kneeling An Wheel Rollouts

I loaded myself with a 30 lb back pack, 20 lb ankle weights and held two 15 lb dumbbells for a total of 80 lbs.

25 Step ups wearing 80 lbs / 10 Kneeling An Wheel Rollouts wearing 30 lb back pack.

10 Tough Rounds

Finished in 16:39 goal was to finish in 15 to 20 minutes!

Very demanding, serious conditioning, and useable strength builder!

Johnny Grube


  1. Great shit here brother . Keep pushing harder and harder while those weak fucks out there get weaker and weaker.

  2. Death by Step Ups! Awesome workout

  3. Hell yeah Johnny Grube!!

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