I Have No Problem Being A Villain.

Can you imagine leaving a country so weak your sons and daughters have little chance of bringing in the next generation, letting your heritage and ancestry die?

That is exactly what’s happening!

And for the majority of society, that’s okay!

People want to save the planet with violent protests. Why?

Most of these people have no children, aren’t going to have children, aren’t capable of having children.

So who are they saving the planet for!

Their pets?

Society is doing what ever possible to keep men and women apart, through fake agendas!

While other nations breed like rabbits, our nation is dying out.

The elites want to streilize our nation by allowing abortions to be used as a normal method of birth control.

If you are a man who doesn’t care about what your acestors did for you, you as a man are an embarrasmet.

You are ungrateful to the strong men that were strong enough to allow you the right to live!

In society men and women make so many excuses and blame others for their situation in life, they lack the basic mental toughness to solve a problem, or to have an independent thought!

Too many people listen to others because they are to lazy to research themselves, few people have a mind of their own they share the popular mindset.

If you bitch and moan about how others owe you because you had a hard life, and you feel others are responsible for your situation, your life is about to get lot harder!

Why talk about the weakness in society and not positively about the good?

Because the thought of weakness drives me harder, the thought I live along side the disease of weakness sickens me.

You deserve nothing!

You EARN everything!

The people who think they deserve, instead of earn, are wicked people.

Read what someone posted on his website.

I’m this mentally weak man’s villain!

An easily offended man will remain womenless, and childless.


My Thoughts On Johnny Grube And The Wildman Training Philosophy (Uncensored)

From time to time, I dabble in promoting various products and reviewing books and courses. So today I’m going to talk about a style of training that has good points and bad points plus a little on the author of this philosophy. First off, I just want to say what I’m going to go into will be something many may hate on and I will hear about it sooner or later, good or bad but I feel the need to let people know on this.
Johnny Grube…..A blue collar, no nonsense and no bullshit type of roughneck that has a lot to talk about on fitness but promoting mainly himself and ranting about the world we live in today. A manual laborer and former pro wrestler (indies basically) who just seems to not talk about almost anything positive in his posts. He is a poster child for bodyweight training and the ideals behind it using basic movements, isometrics and semi-creative workouts that work within a degree.
The Wildman Training philosophy isn’t catered to a general audience and doesn’t seem to put in a positive image even to an audience he is catered to…Himself and rough-housed blue collar men. I do like the idea of how to use bodyweight training along with the minimal to no equipment needed to get in awesome shape, but that’s the extent of my faith in this guy.
I have two of his books, the Wildman Training Program and his Playground Training Manual. They’re both fantastic books in the sense where it teaches the bare basic principles of bodyweight fitness and using what’s available. Beyond that is more than worth reading. As far as fitness goes, he’s got some great points but personality wise, I find him to be a major asshole and one hardcore fucked up individual.
This style brings valuable info on why manual labor is a hard and brutal form of training even by the standards of a job. I’ve done my share of manual labor and yeah it is tough and it’s not meant for individuals who aren’t willing to put in the work. His rants however are not only off the wall but come off as negative, stressful and full of bullshit that destroys the image of today. There are very few things I agree with but wouldn’t put it anywhere near the context he throws it in. He sees the men of today (from a general sense) as weak and full of vanity. Now don’t get me wrong, there a lot of guys out there even in my generation that could catch up on a few things but to break them down and destroy any form of humanity, that’s messed up and need some serious therapy.
I don’t know what kind of life he was brought up on, how he treats his wife or his kids but what you will read about in his posts tend to come up Homophobic,  Racist, brutality towards kids and just flats out manhandles the fitness industry as if its some demonic form of evil. I was friends with him once on social media and at one time was able to handle his little tantrums and comments towards certain people but I put out a post one day about a story of a grandfather who accepted his grandson for being gay (before and after this boy’s mother completely cut him out of her life because of her beliefs) and Johnny just proceeds to tarnish, belittle and ridicule this story. On top of that, one of my family members stepped up and put his two cents in and John just attacked him and acted like a fucking 5 year old and just goes off on who is my uncle. This opened my eyes to what kind of person he was and continues to act like.
As far as i’m concerned, fitness wise, he has done a lot and can make a solid case as to how it works and what exercises can be used in a quick fashion along with awesome levels of conditioning and stamina but after that, he’s nothing more than a self-centered, conniving, redneck and sincere form of asshole that I ever heard of. Unlike him, I care about my fellow human being and anyone who attacks others without knowing the full story is one fucked up dickhead who probably hasn’t been laid since his last kid was born. As a person, he’s a negative piece of shit that needs to grow the fuck up and have a little more compassion in his life. I don’t normally put that out there about people but when you have seen so much hatred in a person’s words, it makes you wonder how the fuck can anyone want to be around that even by 10 damn feet. 
I do care about where the fitness industry has gone and some of it I don’t like but that’s not for me to judge or destroy a person’s way of doing things. I say what I feel but at the same time, nobody should have to live with that kind of negativity. Maybe he’s the loki of the fitness world, a person of mischief and cause of chaos and despair that lives vicariously out of hurting others and is full of himself. 

The only thing I have in common with this Stick-Up-His-Ass, unworldly person that calls himself a human being is passion for fitness. Yes, his style is off the wall and has some value as to what being in shape can really do but on the other side of the coin, he needs to grow a heart and let go of the bullshit the world is in and look for what is awesome, breathtaking and full of hope, love and wonders that make us great people in a lot of ways. I don’t even think the guy bleeds red, probably more like a dark and very brown color that needs to be checked by a doctor.

Anyhow my kids and my wife of 25 years will have a laugh at the offended crybaby!

Everyone needs a villian!

Johnny Grube


  1. Why does poeple concentrate on somebodys personality,we are not friends or relatives,we dont work together….if u can learn something from this site training vise,thats good,it serves its purpose,other stuff just ignore….
    People forget one thing….if somebody talk to u harsh ,doesnt mean he is ur enemy,if someone talk to u nice doesnt mean he is ur friend

  2. Because of these weak fucks,i doubt we can get our pension ,here where i live,im now paying pension for old people that get the checks,i dont pay it for myself,when i get old,young people will pay for me….none of them is worker,they start working at age 40 some bullshit office job 60%

  3. Great article, and that guy obviously couldn’t handle the heat lol.

  4. It’s guys like that that are clearly the problem in our society today. I am sick of these weak fucks these days . I am so glad you do what you do John . Your website needs to go viral, your voice needs to be heard . Weak men are destroying our nation.

  5. Well you’ve obviously upset someone there Johnny , this is where being honest gets you haha !

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