I Need To Be A Better Man!

In today’s degenerate society being a better man means being a weak pussy if you push back against the social justice sick bullshit society is pushing. 

Things like making kids mentally ill, confusing kids about their gender, making people believe you can be any gender you choose daily, women proud of having abortions, health magazines showing fat women as healthy.

Men being transphobe’s because they won’t date a man who wears a dress and identifies as a women.

Holding criminal shit bags on a pedestal as honorable men like George Floyd.

Taking kids to gay pride parades where they can see nudity and sex acts or parents
taking their kids to transgender story time or taking their kids to drag shows where
children have money thrown at them for stripping. 

Where society pushes discipline as a bad thing and being a victim is an honorable trait.  

Vegans who defend animal rights but not the rights of unborn children.

Where society wants you weak on drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling to further crush your
self esteem and making you easier to control.

Where they want you fat, fat men are full of the female juice estrogen, and slowly without 
knowing they transform into emotional unable to fight back ball losing pussies.

Living the life of strength and honor, men who protect and provide are looked at as bad men, racists.

Living a life without booze and drugs and refusing to taking government mandated toxic poisons is 
what evil is made of.

Raising your family with values and principals protecting and providing is white supremacy even if
minorities live with strong family values.

Men who stand for what is right and fight against the weakness society is pushing.

Or living a life of health and fitness because you do LOVE yourself and your family, because they
are the most important.

Sorry, I will try to be A BETTER MAN and stop hating on the freaks in society who are hell bent on trying to change the way people think and who threaten others into thinking like they do, as they indoctrinate the weaklings with low self esteem and who have never been part of the cool club.

Toughen The FUCK Up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Its really sad you’re on a “crusade” that really has no way of winning. The more you ramble on, the more it’s going to eat you alive.

    Degenerates have been around a lot longer than you and I have. You’re making Floyd out to be the worst when in reality, he’s a 3rd rate criminal that’s yesterday’s news. There isn’t movies about him, there aren’t books out about his life, he hasn’t even been in the news as a headline in years. There are movies about Al Capone, books on Ted Bundy, articles written and published many many times about corrupt cops yet to you Floyd is a source of any relevance about a “celebrated” douchebag. Come on, don’t tell me you’re that much of a moron.

    White Supremacy does not belong in any form of positive notions or context. Your idea of it is very fucked up and the mere fact you would use it in the context you did is fucking disgusting and horrifying. Protecting and providing is not the same thing as White Supremacy, get that through to your fucked up skull.

    I’ve been around drugs and booze and I’m happy I never got into it, it is a destroyer. I’ve been to and have been in a gay pride parade and those “acts” you describe, actually rarely happen and your homophobic rant on it just shows you’re an ignorant prick who doesn’t know a damn thing.

    Many women are not proud to have abortions, less than a fraction do so you might want to get your facts straight. Are there women out there who do that just for the sake of it? Hell yes and I do agree it’s messed up but you got to remember, a fertile woman can only get pregnant once a year even if she has fucked 100 guys in the same year, same can’t be said about a guy who can knock up 100 women in a year, how many would they have an abortion? Statistically….Most likely no more than 5-7. Context and logic pal.

    Seriously for the love of this universe, find something positive about the world, there has to be a balance because hating on things that aren’t in your control is just going to put you into misery which most likely already has and your “human” side is hanging by a wire. This is what I mean to be a Better Man.

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