I No Longer Care!

I have issues with what is going on in this world, what I read and see on a daily basis. I thought my job might to help educate a different breed of people. To help people discover physical fitness and health.

What I found is cry babies and do nothings who only want things handed to them free of charge, I have tried to help many and no longer want to help, I no longer care to hear about a person who is sick or overweight from lifestyle.

It’s their problem and I have absolutely no remorse for these people, my father has emphysema my mom had 3 strokes brought on by lifestyle and guess what I have no sympathy for them, it’s their own fault .If I have no sympathy for my own mother or father who did this to themselves why would I care about other people?

I look out for the people that really care about their life not the drunken, smoking over weight buffoons that take their life for granted. It might sound like a bad attitude It’s actually the men and women that want to take and take and take and never give that have the bad attitude, don’t believe me, what happens when you take and keep taking from your own body, and you give your body nothing back; what will happen?

A weak sickly body is what will happen, I have more important things to do then try to convince people how to train and get healthy with no bull shit just real world info that can be used by everyone.

People are being scammed every time they turn around by the media, television, magazines, doctors, scientists, fitness experts, diet experts, supplement companies, pharmaceutical companies, reality television we support eating contest and make heroes out of a man that can eat 100 hot dogs and reward them for it, and praise drugged out celebrities as well as over paid criminal sports figures when will it stop.

Most people live with so many excuses even the men and women that think they are physically fit are still looking for the easy way out. Today men think that overeating and beer is what men do, most of these overweight men have more estrogen in their body then their wives or girlfriends and bigger breasts too.


  1. Johnny,

    Man, you hit the nail on the head! You’re preaching the truth! I agree that people want the easy way out, and many get stuck because they don’t want to put in the effort to grow, progress, and succeed. There’s this crazy myth many seem to believe that “somehow I’ll reach my goal by just dabbling here and there”. Dabblers don’t succeed! Only those who have rock-hard commitment, will, and perseverance towards their goals!

    Keep preaching the truth, bro.

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