I Really Hate Weakness!

I really do hate weakness! This is not some rant about me being a tough guy, but you know what?

In the world of manual labor and in an all men environment, I am a fucking tough guy!

In have proven it year after year, with my no bull shit work ethic, my physical and mental toughness
and my durability!

I had to be tough or I would have been broken, and been like the chumps today using
drugs and alcohol instead of toughness they chose weakness!

And the fact I just said “I am a tough guy” will offend weak men! Fuck humility, weak men talk
humility, brag all you want, if you can!

Most men work in co ed environments, they are weak, emasculated, treadmill walking, 5 K running
soft bodied, frail minded, easily offended, mamma boys, who get offended by the site of me!

Every man is a tough guy in a labor environment, or so he thinks, until he has to actually use his
weak body that his ego cant carry! These tough guys soon are always missing work, making excuses,
yet still acting like he matters while the real men just laugh at him and call him out until he eventually
quits and moves on!

I don’t follow the “Gym Culture” Philosophy, after for 37 years of training and a life time of manual
labor, after all the injuries I have had, and I don’t follow the range of motion or proper form theory,
because R.O.M and P.F. doesn’t exist in manual labor.

Yet, I rarely EVER miss a day of work (manual labor) because manual labor builds a different toughness,
it builds a different pride, in manual labor if you get hurt you are fucked with, you are weak, you become
wounded prey, and lose respect; because you cause others to pull your weight.

Toughness and durability builds respect and pride!

Men today need to here that toughness comes from actual work, being durable, strong, capable and just
because running on a treadmill or running a faggot 5K or you choose exercise as a sport doesn’t mean
that you know what toughness is!

The “Gym Culture” embraces injury, are proud of injury, like they just went into a fight, but came out the loser!

I stand my fucking ground, I say what the fuck I want, I said what I wanted in a time when a big mouth
would get your ass kicked!

There are more hero’s out there than in the gym, and if you are fawning over another man’s build, remember
your a man not a school girl!

A Little More Toughness Does A Man Good!

Johnny Grube


  1. I agree , I could careless how grueling ones workout is or where it is. If you haven’t done labor you don’t know true durability. Nothing can instill the mental and physical toughness that labor does . And on top of that people can Bragg til they’re blue in their fucking face about their workout , but when you can do your workout after hours of labor then come talk to me . I know I can . And I sure know you can John . But these fucking blog boy , keyboard tough guys wouldn’t last a day . With their comfortable little Px90 workout queer shit .

    Loving the articles John. Keep them coming

  2. Even though I haven’t done manual labor, I still workout doing ultra high reps of push ups, ab wheel roll outs, squats, and wrestling bridges BY MYSELF. I have done 150 push ups without stopping, 100 kneeing ab wheel roll outs and 500 body weight squats. One time I have done 1000 push ups 10 sets of 100. I devote myself to pain and sweat everyday, no day offs. Even though I never have the time to workout, I would do 100 push ups to get a good workout. Trust me, people think I am a maniac doing this training regime, others have said I am doing too much, but I say “I am getting tougher everyday, for the battlefield.”

  3. John –

    If you think a 5km run is easy, try running it faster. Nobody is too good for running.

  4. I have and running was the biggest waste of time. I have done both and sprints are the only running worth while.

  5. Marovsky, Good stuff man you are a beast!

  6. Chuck you are the man!

  7. Chuck I checked the p90x workout schedule, I asked myself: “what the fuck is this type of workout??” Almost made me crack up.

  8. @Marovsky

    Lol I always said the same . I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that shit

  9. @marovsky
    are you russian?

  10. Troy, no no no. I am actually black. Everyone have said I am russian because of my name, but I am actually a haitian.

  11. @ Marovsky
    ah ok. yeah, thats what i thought. the name sounds very russian. i was born in the ukraine, thats why i was curious.
    good training habits, you have. simple and basic. keep going!

  12. Thanks Troy.

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