I Should Choke The Next Fat Guy With Jump Rope!

They make old school equipment like the Ab Wheel aerodynamic, spring loaded so it comes back easier and even put foam on the handles!

Most people can’t do 10 Ab Wheel Rollouts, am I to believe your weak, soft hands are to delicate that people need foam handles?

Then I hear people say, “well at least they are doing something” Yup and as soon as they become uncomfortable, they will quit.

I asked a person why they bought a treadmill? I got a great answer.

To walk.

You spent thousand dollars on a treadmill?

You do know walking is free?

Then they can’t figure out why the treadmill is now a thousand dollar clothes dryer!

I told you before, I’m not here to hold your hand and guide you, I’m not here to give progression training ideas, because I believe most training is a waste of time, with little value outside the gym.

If you look for the easy way to train, you will never be serious!

I know people dislike me, it’s okay I prefer people not liking me, because I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not.

Most fitness people want fans, they want to be liked by everyone, yeah good luck with that.

Stop wasting people’s time!

You didn’t fucking earn it!

People that sweat earn it, people that bleed earn it!

Johnny Grube

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  1. Vanity isn’t the answer when it comes to workouts. So many people want to be noticed just because of how they LOOK instead of how they FUNCTION. In addition this overtraining myth is still going on as of today. A guy named Tom Platz had the best legs from doing squats for hours, all but a few will say that he was overtraining.

  2. FUCK YEA !!!!!! This is fucking Christmas come early! Article after article . Awesome !!!

    Hey John just found out today my wife is pregnant ! This will be my first child .

  3. @Chuck

    Congrats Chuck, I wish you all is well with your first child!

  4. Chuck, awesome brother, congratulations!

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