I Should Choke The Next Fat Guy With Jump Rope!

Most of the “Fitness Culture” act holier than thou. Meaning, if you don’t conduct yourself as the “help everyone” you are immoral because you should help people, and it’s your obligation.

FUCK YOU! I never took a doctors oath!

As a matter of fact, I rarely respond to people anymore, unless I know their adding something to the conversation, or they have been adding comments for sometime.

If I’m asked advice, and I feel it’s genuine I will generally respond.

I fucking hate what fitness has become, but I love fitness, social media, new fucking weak gadgets that are supposed to make exercise easier, diets, supplements, training aids make me sick!

Exercise is supposed to be fucking hard!

When I see a mis shapened guy in the fitness section at Wal-Mart looking at training gloves, so he doesn’t hurt soft hands, I feel like choking him with a jump rope, which he should be buying instead!

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  1. Vanity isn’t the answer when it comes to workouts. So many people want to be noticed just because of how they LOOK instead of how they FUNCTION. In addition this overtraining myth is still going on as of today. A guy named Tom Platz had the best legs from doing squats for hours, all but a few will say that he was overtraining.

  2. FUCK YEA !!!!!! This is fucking Christmas come early! Article after article . Awesome !!!

    Hey John just found out today my wife is pregnant ! This will be my first child .

  3. @Chuck

    Congrats Chuck, I wish you all is well with your first child!

  4. Chuck, awesome brother, congratulations!

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