I Train for Function NOT the Sport of Exercise!

I am so tired of what fitness has become. I have removed myself from the title of anything traditional fitness.

One thing that has happened that has made the fitness industry such bullshit is social media!

The worst is the opinions of weak, pathetic people that think because they have a right to speak their opinion matters. I doesn’t! NOT until they can show proof or a video that they have any credibility!

All it does is show how insignificant these men are. For instance FORM is a gym term, outside the gym there is no good or bad form!

Men that comment on form or the way an exercise is done are commenting on the exercise as if there is some competition, and its not.

When I do pushups I NEVER lock out. I don’t need tendentious in the elbow.  I want tension on my muscle through the whole movement.  When we walk or run, we don’t lock out our knees,  you fucking dummies!

A guy who hits a heavy bag and posts it on youtube will get comments from a guy who has never thrown a punch and probably never took a punch, because today on the other side of the country or world there is no consequences for a big mouth!

Do the idiots think they are doing 15 rounds in the street? Do they think they will run into a boxing contender?

The chances are good if they are hitting the heavy bag, the majority of men are NOT hitting the heavy bag, which gives the guy who is beating on the bag an advantage whether he knows how to throw a jab or not! Power is still being built, whether technique is good or not!

In the video above, Glen MacCharles the guy, throwing bombs on the bag, is going to hurt the average man, bad form or not! He hits you with a shot like that, its lights out!

Hell, even in MMA guys with all their training often lose from a wild punch!

In a jump rope video I had posted years ago someone made a comment that I looked retarded jumping rope, guess what jackass?

The object is getting over the rope!

So instead of asking stupid questions or making stupid comments, pay the fuck attention and you will learn something!

I would rather have a physically tough man who trains on his own have my back, then a physically strong guy who lacks physical toughness and who uses good form in the gym!

My training is for function NOT SPORT, it’s for building physical and mental toughness, my world does NOT subscribe to the laws of the gym!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    That form shit will do nothing but get people injured in the real world and get their ass beat as well. Body building and the fitness industry have fucked up the Greatness to be achieved in training. All it has created is a supplement pumped up ego driven non functional cocksuckers who aren’t capable of shit but being experts on plans from magazines that they got scanned into buying. Got to love that one as well lol the new plan every month that just consists of curls and the other traditional bullshit. Fools never realize this scam either, last month it was the plan to so call build the ultimate man and body but yet every month another plan is made same exercises different twist lol. Fuck a plan I still love taking 2-3 exercises at most (bodyweight that is) and busting my ass in a certain times frame knowing I am building some serious ass kicking conditioning and not wasting my time.

    Another Great article Wildman. Keep them coming

  2. I don’t always agree with Johnny, however this has to be Johnny’s best article about exercise. I totally agree. To hell with form, in my opinion form is actually not realistic.

  3. @BrooklynChuck

    Yeah Chuck, fuck form. All that matters is how much work you put in your workouts, not for perfection. The type of strength that we all men have will make “Mr. Olympia” have a run for his money.

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