I Will Choose Being A Wolf Over Being A Sheep Dog!

I hear so many men talking about the “sheep dog” as a metaphor for man as the protector of his flock.

Fuck the sheep dog!

Who really wants to consider himself a sheep dog protecting a bunch of weak sheep, who keep their head down oblivious to their surroundings?

I will NOT protect people who destroy themselves through a lifestyle of weakness, who cause their own troubles and need to be bailed out, because of constant bad choices?

You deserve to be prey if you are capable but look to others to protect you!

I will not risk myself for sheep like people outside my family or tribe, the weak should and will be eventually eaten by the capable wolf!

Sheep don’t fight, they need protection!

I prefer super villains over super heros, I prefer the wolf over the sheep, I prefer the strong over the weak, I prefer lion over the gazelle, I prefer Genghis Khan over Barack Obama!

My moral belief that it is good to be strong and it’s morally right to conquer the weak!

Man needs to be a wolf, a villain, a predator, a wildman, uncivilized at times or he loses his edge and then he becomes the prey!
No man should never accept weakness in his life, strong men have strong friends, strong men banish the weak from their groups, with extreme prejudice!
You can’t live a life of honor living among the masses of dishonorable people with out being the villain.
The weak are stupid into thinking that the wolf is stupid, the wolf is always prepared, the sheep think they will always have the sheep dog as the protector, eventually as the sheep dog is abused enough by the “sheep” he eventually joins the wolves!
The wolf runs without a master, the sheep dog obeys a master!
Treat the weak the way they want to be treated, with no respect if they choose weakness they deserve no respect and shouldn’t expect it, never let your guard down, make people earn their trust and even then don’t trust them!

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep kicking weak ass!!!

  2. You are the fucking man brother ! This is hands down the best fucking website on the net . HANDS DOWN !!!

  3. Chuck, I have done 20 descending sets of prisoner squat thrusts. Very fucking tough, hell yeah!!

  4. @Marovsky

    Prisoner Squat Thrusts are no joke. I always include them in my training . You’re a beast brother . Stay strong and stay giving the middle finger to the weak

  5. @Chuck

    I couldn’t agree more.

  6. Glen MacCharles says


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