I Would Rather Train Like A Navy Seal then A Strong man and here’s why…….


– A member of the special forces unit for the US Navy who is trained for unconventional
warfare on sea, air, and land.

Navy Seals have no need to rip cards, roll frying pans, do gymnastic training or do much one rep

Navy Seals train to be bad asses and strong men train to impress! I also did and still to a point
love to see feats of strength. Watching my old man, a truck driving furniture mover move heavier
things then anyone ever move before. It was nothing for the old man to strap a old time refrigerator
to his back and climb stairs, pianos etc never seen him fail in an attempt to move anything.

My dad short and very thick from years of manual labor built a physical toughness and strength
that was respected by everyone. I seen this many times as a kid at how people showed respect to a
5’6 200 lb man. In karate I was about 10 years old,  one older black belt mentioned to me that
he didn’t want my dad throwing him through a wall, and I thought strength commands respect!


: a man who performs in a circus and who is very strong

a man who entertains an audience by doing things that need great strength


And strength does command respect, but strength to me is now measured no longer in 1 rep maxes,
to me it’s how long my strength can last. I can care less about card ripping although impressive, or
metal bending also impressive, but hundreds and thousands of reps have built a physical and
mental toughness I never knew.

Even though most of my early life I tried and manged to gain weight and achieved a good amount of
size and strength and at 5’7 240 lbs and with a 21″ neck and 18″ 1/2 arms looked impressive on a short
frame. But my body was so sore and injured through years of lifting heavy and manual labor I spent
more time in recovery then I fucking trained.

To me over time heavy weights encourage more injuries. Most men that lift heavy
weights will not admit this most because of ego. I personally worked all my life as a manual
laborer and lifted heavy weights and most strongmen don’t work manual labor jobs giving their
body much needed rest. So most strong men today can’t even argue this. Until they earn a
living with their body daily it’s only their fucking opinion.

Now some will say they train for both strength and conditioning and that comes down to
time. Most people in the real world have real jobs and time is critical, if you have a lot of
time to spend training great, but most do not have the time or work at a gym to train every
area of training. Some people still think you can be the best in all areas of training, you
can’t be great in all areas.

Read some so called strong men’s blogs or facebook posts and look at the constant talk of injury.

Think about it, who would you want in your corner a Navy Seal or a card ripping strong man? And
I don’t know if people know this, but strong doesn’t mean physically and mentally tough.

Every one thinks every strong man is automatically tough, but think how many times a massive
strongman would ever be pushed into a fight unless he started it? Not many, sear size alone
tells you he probably hasn’t had many fights, unless in a job like bouncer is he ever tested.

I will take the position of what I call “Conditioned Strength” it works better in real life then
a one rep max.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. The pic of that strongman lifting the rock says it all. See how red and strained his face is? If you think that type of training is good for you, you need to THINK AGAIN. Exercises like step ups, burpees, pop ups get you tired fast, but leave you feeling relaxed and less stressed. That is my experience anyway.

  2. Hi Johnny you’ve written a great deal about your father and his strength over the years: post picture of him.

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  4. Nothing is more daunting than conditioned strength . Being a former Boxer i know this hands down . I’ve lifted weights before . They don’t compare to the brutal calisthenic drills i was doing . Also … anytime i did a weight workout i just felt i was cheating myself . Then if i did a conditioning drill the following day , as i wpuld lay in a pool of sweat gasping for air i then knew conditioning was the real work . Great article Wildman. I can read your articles from dusk til dawn and never get bored

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