I’d Rather Be Hated For The Harsh Reality Then Loved For Sugar Coating!

My blog posts are different, I write the blogs like I’m talking on the job or fucking around
having the conversations I want to have or the conversations I’m having in my warped mind!

I can’t just have the fitness conversation anymore, there is so much that is fucked u and getting
worse because men are afraid to stand and think for themselves.

Nature is cruel! Nature will always be cruel! We will always have bad people, they have always been
here and they will always be here but you cant bubble wrap society, people need to be held accountable
and responsible people need to be shamed men need to be as strong as they can until they die.

Nothing good is coming out of “Bubble Wrapping” society except feeble minded, offended sissies who are
looking for constant validation!

My posts sound like rants because they are! Young men today have lower testosterone then their
grandfathers, their grandfathers didn’t go to the gym, they probably worked hard, ate some kind of meat
everyday, and really who want’s to say their grandfather is a vegetarian, drank whole milk, ate eggs and
bacon, drank black coffee, didn’t watch porn and still fucked your grandmom!

Today men don’t work hard physically, they eat low calorie foods, are easily offended, wear skinny jeans,
drink lattes, afraid of altercation, watch porn, are afraid of women but act like they don’t want women, and
it’s because they can’t get it up from watching endless porn!

Men aren’t called out today for their weakness.

Years ago and even today in a manual labor environment men will let you know if you aren’t pulling your
weight, we don’t want a weak, lazy man who doesnt pull his weight!

I don’t want to pull the weight of someone else making the same money as I do while he fucks

I understand I’m not popular by today’s standards I belong in a different time.

But “Bubble Wrapping” men is having a devastating effect on society and you see it in the
sickness of the mind and body of the majority!

I’d Rather Be Hated For The Harsh Reality Then Loved For Sugar Coating!

Johnny Grube


  1. “Lower testosterone than their grandfathers” that must be very embarrassing.

    Great article.

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