If You Are A Strongman/Tough Guy And The Word “Fat” Offends You………

Then you are a pussy! It seems that so called tough guys/ strongmen seem to be really
thin skinned when it comes to the word “Fat” and it’s because they are pissed off at
themselves for being fat! They know it’s their fault! But, they want to make excuses.

Some people are just going to bigger then some but eating cheeseburgers
while you rant about 150 lb men that aren’t real men because they don’t weigh
250lbs is a weak attack and doesn’t help.

If you are a so called tough guy/ strongman and are offended by words maybe
you aren’t as mentally strong or as tough as you think you are! If you are a
politically correct asshole and that is easily offended to fucking bad!

I am 5’7″ and weigh around 155 to 165lbs and prefer to be that weight. At one time
I weighed 240lbs and lifted heavy weights, but I felt it was healthier to drop 85lbs
as I got older to maybe add some years to my life. Anyhow, being of short and
light stature doesn’t offend me and never has and it’s because words don’t hurt,
because I am tougher than that! Fuck words, if you are offended because someone
insults your weight it’s because you are pissed at yourself for not doing anything
about it!

Remember if you are a so called tough guy act like one and not some FUCKING

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Many are seriously deluded about their proper weight. They focus on getting bigger instead of how many pushups or pull ups they can do. They automatically assume that they are stronger than a “little guy” like J.G. Pity da fools!!!!

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