If You Idolize A Man Who Complains About Weakness, And Don’t Realize It’s Weakness, YOU Are A Weak Man!

The fact is after over 30 something years earning my living as a Blue Collar worker I have seen most gym strong men see how weak they actually are when asked to do the job they applied to do.

I have had guys make an excuse and tell me they lifted today and are sore when they fail to keep up with smaller, or older men, and have heard this the same excuse for 30 years!

Guys who lifted weights but also worked blue collar work were a different kind of beast, but he usually lacked anaerobic conditioning!

But don’t get me wrong training in the gym taught me a lot!

And for men, few things are more important than strength!

From a young age boys should be taught strength is man and weakness is a fucking sickness!

But, don’t compare me or my type to your juiced up druggy taking hero, who earns his living competing.

They do this and take drugs because they are weak fucks who lack physical and mental toughness to make it through with their own weak genetics.

I have said it before most men in the gym no matter how strong will never have moved as much tonnage as I have over 40 years of training and 40 years of manual labor!

You fags can idolize these men who only prove how strong they are for a short period of time and then disappear after drug use stops, they have no kids to carry on their legacy, they lack the testosterone after years of steroid abuse and you weak fucks idolize them!

I only give a fuck how my family, wife, kids, grandkids and closest friends see me, the opinions I respect!

In over 30 years of earning my living as a blue collar worker and raising kids I missed less than 10 days of scheduled work, and only three times was the call out for me personally!

I’m calling out the weaklings defending their juiced heros, the ones getting a hard on over their hero’s body and defending their own weak mentality.

I have lived and will die living in a more harsh man dominated environment than 99.9999% of guys who go to the gym and thinking eye fucking other guys in the gym is somehow normal for a man, it’s NOT!

Society was built by strong tough motherfuckers, men who never complained, who worked with their bodies, fucked women and were not afraid to fight!

Today men don’t physically work hard, few fuck women anymore, and every so called tough guy complains like an emotional bitch!

If you see their complaining as toughness, YOU are a bitch not worthy of my respect, no matter the numbers you put up in the gym!

I have cut ties with so called strong men who have huge gym numbers because the brag and complain of injury, I know kids and women who are mentally stronger then these dudes!

Men idolize these complainers because it validates their OWN faggot weakness, it gives them a reason to fit in, if their superhero is a weak complainer, they think it means they can also be a weakling who brags about injury.

Men I know are embarrassed when they are sick or hurt.

Men I know won’t make sickness or injury a public thing to elicit sympathy!

You might notice they aren’t at their best but they won’t share their emotional feelings with who ever will listen!

If you are offended I just rested my fucking case.

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck yeah!!!

  2. Manual Labor is a real man’s world. Faggot ass weak men never last . That’s why the word MAN is in the word Man/ual Labor

  3. Johnny Grube tells it like it is .

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