If You Promote This You Promote Mental Illness.

Promote fat as being healthy.

Promote criminals as more valuable than lawful citizens.

Promote transgenderism as a natural way of life and not a mental illness.

Promote the killing of unborn babies as a women’s health right.

Promote children Drag Queen story hour.

Promote trans children to strip in front of grown men.

Promote that there is no man and woman.

Promote men can have babies and abortions.

Promote that you can identify as anything you want, cat, dog, black, Asian, etc and expect people to support that sick ideology.

Promote a homosexual lifestyle to children in kindergarten.

Promote people who would bring children to a gay pride parade.

Promote everything as white supremacy because you have failed as a competent person and have no value to a strong society.

All of the above is NOT normal behavior it’s mental illness, if you believe this is normal, life sustainable behavior that will make life better you are sick mentally.

If you support this type mental fuckery, you are part of the sickness of society and deserve to be mentally tormented!

This ALL comes from a mentally and physically weak society.

Whether you like how I say it or NOT I have always promoted a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Toughen Up!



  1. I call this voluntary mental illness because obviously people who believe this shit are deranged but they CHOSE to believe it .To me this makes it even worse .

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