If your fat it's your damn fault!

ThisĀ  is a fact. If you are fat it’s your own damn fault. You will always here excuses that it isn’t their
fault, it’s genetics. My mom and dad were fat, my sister is fat, my brother is fat. See your mom, dad,sister
brother,uncle,aunt,uncles brother on your mom’s sister side is fat.

They all did it themselves. You are in control of what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat. You
or fat family membersĀ  just don’t care enough about their health, you and only you are to blame. Take a walk
sometime instead of eating this alone will help with weight loss. Most probably won’t do this because if their
ass isn’t on couch in front of the T.V what’s the use.

Better yet, watch the biggest loser, oh yeah if you are fat and are watching the biggest loser, YOU are the
biggest loser.

Toughness builds winners

Johnny Grube

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