If Your Friends Aren’t Strong, You’re Weak!

Don’t get pissed, no wait!

Get pissed if you have any weak friends!

Having weak friends means you are weak.

You can’t have strength running with sorry, weak, soft pathetic males.

A weak male is effeminate, is faggy emotional, a victim, an excuse maker, lives a pathetic existence, honors weakness and vilifies anybody or anything strong!

The choosen weak should be eliminated and left to fend for themselves, let them live the diseased existence they created!

Don’t seek to help, let natural selection chose their direction, don’t throw them a rope, it’s better sometimes to throw someone an anchor and to watch them sink out of sight!

When they learn to fight they become worthy, they have traveled the path of hardness, they strangle adversity they have become strong.

The truely strong can and will have times of weakness, but the truely strong fight back never allowing weakness to take over, they don’t quit!

Weaklings quit, they run, they never fight!

So if you have friends that come to you looking for sympathy never changing their ways, eliminate them!

Always run with the hardest and toughest sons of a bitches you can!

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck yeah, great article.

  2. Tredwell Abrams says

    Glad to see your back writing again Johnny!

  3. Thanks, going to be writing more.

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