If Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Me, It’s My Business!

Most people think its nobodies business how they or other people choose to live, and others should mind their own business!


It becomes my business when people’s choice of lifestyle affects me and my family’s life, culturally, economically, politically and socially!

When you try and change my values through degenerate behavior, social justice, political correctness it becomes my business.

I raise my family to embrace family, to have a family of their own, and teach them a family is a man and a women.

I raised my daughter’s to be women, and my son to be a man.

I would not allow my daughter’s to grow into men or my son a women

I raised my kids to take care of themselves, not to allow the government to support them.

Higher taxes come from people of less value who contribute nothing but non stop consume!

It’s my business when I work hard to buy a home in an area I choose to live in, and government provides people income to live in the same neighborhood without earning the right!

I raised my kids health and fitness conscious, so they don’t become the soda drinking, potato chip eating, ice cream abusing part of society that has increased the price of health care through self hate.

Blame healthcare high prices on the weak, fat and sick!

People who abuse themselves, by eating themselves in to disease, they keep big pharmaceutical companies in business!

It’s my right to speak up when you fuck up!

It’s My Business When Your Actions Affect Me!

Johnny Grube


  1. Nothing urks me more when a person getting government assistance are able to live in the same neighborhood as me . I fully understand what you’re saying . Shit pisses me off

  2. “Others should mind their own business”

    Oh yeah, ignore the fact that someone keeps fucking up while the other is trying to earn a living but is affected by that person who’s fucking up.

    This is some “whatever happens to me, happens to you” bullshit. That shouldn’t happen at all.

    Great article Grube!

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