If you’re offended so what!

Some people talk about my rants, like I’m supposed to be a sweet person
and hug everyone I see. Being positive doesn’t mean I have to except
everything that society is pushing.

The wildman philosophy is not just a name; a wildman can turn savage without
warning. A wildman is unpredictable as I have been my whole life, but people
always know where they stand with me.

Sorry folks I’m not going to be that person society is trying to weaken! I have
values and will stand with my values and moral issues. For most people they
look to see who their new fitness crush will be this week, and do their workouts
and next week they will love someone new.

Most people have no idea where they are going or what they are after and
spend tons of time looking for FREE so they can become keyboard warriors
and talk to their probably as unfit friends.

Being a jack of all trades rarely ever works, it’s impossible to be great at
everything people that specialize become great, in sports men that usually
play a specialized position are hall of famers the player they switch back and
forth are rarely hall of famers.

Anything worthwhile requires sweat and physical and mental pain, people
continue to live in their own limits and follow the limits set on them by others.
I have said before what I write is rude and sometimes offensive and have said
it’s not for everyone maybe some will be better watching a DVD on tv then doing
these workouts, maybe you will be better off looking for the next new program.

Today’s workout: jump rope 100 times 10 Military squat thrusts for 55 rounds
no rest in 59 minutes finishing with jumping rope 5,500 times and 550 Military
squat thrusts.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. Not to worry, nobody’s going to confuse you for Richard Simmons-different hair style!
    Great video of you doing Iranian pushups. It is a total body strengthener that works upper back as well as shoulders and chest. Your form is perfect with neck in perfect alignment with torso. Keep on ranting!

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