If You’re Weaker Than 9th Grader, Your Opinions Are Invalid!

What would be the reason outside the gym to shoulder something, squat down, pick something up and carry it?

When I have people who have nothing but opinions, who have very little knowlegde of manual labor, except doing
yard work, or moving a few times in their life, means very little to me.

How many men pay someone to mow their grass, shovel their snow, but brag about going to the gym?

Donald Trump isn’t mowing his own grass because he would be a fool.

It makes more sense for him to earn money and pay someone to do a job like that, but most men reading this aren’t millionaires!

Even so called fitness gurus who talk about manual labor, probably have someone else shovel their snow
because they need to go to the gym to do bench presses that are basically only good for the gym.

I personally don”t always like doing extra manual labor, I personally don’t want to come home after a tough day working in snow and ice, to come home and shovel snow and ice.

And that is why I do it.

Because I don’t want to get fucking soft!

I don’t want my mind to give me an excuse, if it takes me 30 minutes to shovel snow I use it and count it as more physical activity.

Men need this toughness, men need real manual labor to get tough, they need more physical labor than the gym.

I have seen a ton of college door men (Bouncers) struggle with 150 lb kegs while the smaller beer man moves them effortlessly.

Yet, most weak men who have opinions are no stronger than a ninth grader.

And if you are a man, who actually lifts weights, and still can’t bench press 300 lbs, keep your mouth shut, or I’ll get my 12th grade nephew to whip your ass!

People don’t need to agree with me, people don’t have to read what I write.

If I have ever disagreed about something I read I just moved on, why ?

Because I don’t give a fuck!

Really, I don’t aruge with anyone’s opinions because they are opinions.

If I respect you I will listen to your opinions, doesn’t mean I will change my view.

I read a lot of things, and all the books, articles and blogs I read , I don’t always agree, but enjoy what they write.

I respect them because they write with a depth of knowledge and experience.

Most men talk and argue the only thing they know and it’s the gym,

BUT everyone is doing the same fucking thing!

In ancient times Nero’s Army once marched up to 50 miles a day for 6 days wearing 100 lb packs, the average man weighed only 145 lbs two -thirds of their bodyweight!

The most elite military today couldn’t handle that! Inluding the Navy Seals!

But when people are argueing about what real strength is it always goes back to the gym!

People hate what I write, it goes against all they been taught, shakes up their weak “Inner Bitch” it insults their heros, they are the typical “Man Bitch”!

If you go to the gym to get strong and get offended by others opinions, you are NOT strong!

Strength comes in ALL forms, but it’s the most useful outside the gym strength that interests me.

No need to validate yourself, I’m not listening!

Johnny Grube



  1. Hell yeah John Grube, fuck lifting weights in the gym. These meatheads think that they are strong just because they can lift 300 lbs or more only once, the brutal reality is that they are not even stronger than an average man who never touched weights.

  2. I’ve been looking at training at a whole new way these last few weeks . Like literally down to everything I do . I now say …. how does this apply to real life ? … And if it doesn’t I don’t do it . I thank you John to waking my mind up to this . I never done bodybuilding training or slow cardio anyhow but I would over do it on things at times like , mountain climbers , burpees etc.. Not to say these aren’t useful exercises because they definitely are but I just been focusing on leg training more , core and hitting heavybag. And then I get natural lifting from my Manual Labor . I work on a Dairy farm so I get my ass worked to the bone on there for hours on end . Even up to 19hrs some days .

  3. Overtraining everyday, getting results from working hard. Hell yeah!

  4. @Marovsky

    Overtraining to me is a myth. I feel people get burnt out when they don’t keep up with their eating and when they don’t sleep enough. Overtraining came along to sell more supplements

  5. @Chuck

    But for some reason, even though I haven’t slept enough because I myself go to school, I would still bust my ass to workout hard. But yeah I agree that overtraining is a myth. Check out CT Fletcher, although he lifts weights, he also believes that overtraining is an excuse for people to not push themselves.

    His quote about overtraining: “You worried about workin muthafucka”

  6. @Marovsky

    I agree bro . There’s many of times I miss out on sleep as well and still knock shit out the park . Don’t get me wrong I’m not missing sleep daily but when I do it doesn’t affect me. Fletcher definitely nailed it with that quote

  7. Chuck Dairy farming is tough fucking work! In reality all you would really need to do is
    conditioning like heavy bag work and or sprints, jump rope etc dairy farming along with a
    lifestyle of more activity you will be strong enough!

  8. For years I have said over training doesn’t exist it’s an excuse to rest, your body will adapt,
    imagine in ancient times trying to survive and taking rest days because you worked to hard.

  9. Johnny Grube, Lol then once something happens in the ancient times, then the people who would worry about overtraining would be easy pickings.

  10. @Johnny Grube

    John you have to make a video discussing weak men that take excessive time off from work due to maternity leave . Being my wife is pregnant I’m hearing alot of shit about men taking excessive time off from work . My boss told me the other day he had a guy took a year off and then wanted his job back . How the fuck does a man need excessive time off for maternity. The man ain’t the one carrying the baby and giving birth to it . Men are fucking something else these days John . Shit got my goat when I heard about it . I would love for you to smash these weak fuckers in either a video or article .

  11. Overtraining only makes me stronger!!!!

  12. Glen MacCharles says


  13. HollyPhillips says

      As your grass grows to be about 3 inches, start mowing your lawn making sure to keep warm-season grass at about 1-2 inches tall and cool season grass at 2 inches tall. Depending again on the grass variety, this may be about every four to six days. Keep on moving regularly until you are able to cut less than 1/3 of grass at each mowing process. It is also most ideal to mow grass with sharp mover blades.

  14. I haven’t post here for a while.But I been using Johnny’s Philosophy’s for about for 8 years and the results been awesome for me.I actually gotten way stronger then when I use to lift weights.All I did is ultra high rep pushups, bodyweight squats, standing ab wheel rollouts, military squat thrusts jump rope and some isometrics.I gotten stronger and added bulk to my legs by doing 1500 to 2500 bodyweight squats a day.Its about the same amount of reps with pushups and military squat thrusts to also get stronger and put on weight depending on your calorie intake, and the good part of it is your also working on your conditioning as well.The other results I also got was being able to do some strength feats such as one arm pushups with feet
    together, also was able to do stupid gymnast move like a front lever, and also bruce lees dragon flag despite not training for it at all.

  15. Another thing to add to my post is the other great results I also got from Johnny’s Philosophy’s was despite not training with weights at all I was able to squat more and benchpress more. That’s without touching weights at all lol. Even no one here cares about 1 rep max, which i also don’t care about it anymore because it doesn’t mean shit in the real world.To the people that say you cant get strong or build muscle from high reps are stupid idiots I guess its about time under tension in muscle.My workouts are similar to a prisoner which I think is true.Similar to what Alan posted here years ago about prisoner workouts in California state prisons.So Johnny I Thank you again for your great books and your training style.

  16. @John Smith

    Good stuff man. My training is similar to yours, ultra high reps is the way, along with isometrics. It took me at least five months as of right now to reach this superhuman level of fitness, from consistency and hardwork.

  17. @Marovsky

    Thanks Man. The most pushups I can do straight is about 263.The most squats I can do straight is 160,all without perfect form, but who gives a fuck. I’m joint pain free training this way.Seems like my legs is not as strong as my upper body.But of course your gonna adapt to any workout if your consistent enough. But the exercise I want to be good at high reps are prisoner squat thrusts, pullups (which I suck at lol), and high rep core exersises.I heard of prisoners can do over a thousand prisoner squat thrusts(non jumping burpees as what johnny calls them) in the SHU as known as Security housing unit.

  18. @Marovsky

    I also heard you can get very strong just mostly doing prisoner squat thrusts.In prison in the SHU your there for almost 24 hours a day without pullup bars, a track to run on etc.In the SHU that’s were the most hardened criminals go to when they have bad behavior its no joke.I know an ex con that did these types of training and got powerful.

  19. @John Smith

    Cheers mate, the most push ups I did was 250, squats 500, but I vary my workouts to keep the body ready for anything. For prisoner squat thrusts, the most I did was 30 straight, I don’t do them that much because someone would get pissed from me shaking up the house. And yeah, imperfect form is good because you keep tension on your muscles the whole movement, which in turn, gets the muscles strong quick, but I will try to sneak doing more prisoner squats.

  20. @John Smith

    Yeah, men in prison are basically superhuman specimen to the eyes of the average. Hundred to thousands of reps, makes them strong and fit.

  21. Yeah man dudes in prison need to be as strong as possible for survival to keep the rapists, and psycho crazy fuckers away from them.These dudes get so strong that they can break from there restraints (handcuffs etc…) sometimes, and throw shit like a professional MLB baseball pitcher all without barbells or weightlifting equipment etc…

  22. @John Smith

    Hah! Who knew prisoners would get that strong just from keeping their training simple and brutal, no weights. Seems like everyone thinks that there is some secret to getting as strong as the prisoners, but in fact, its the same workout people are able to do in their bedroom, the thing is guys in prison do lots of reps, most would shy away.

  23. Good comments men! Keep up the hard fucking work!

  24. @Johnny Grube

    Thanks Johnny G!

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