I'm a FAKE!!!

I have been told well at least heard and read some forums that I can’t do
some of the things I say. I had one ass hole say that one of my you tube
video was fake and that it pissed him off that I would lie to try to sell
things. The video was me pushing a car with my arms.

This genius said that because he could see the exhaust of the car someone
was driving it. Yeah your right you can’t leave the car running and put
the car in neutral moron.

Anyhow I just posted another video of me pushing almost 5 tons ( a van and
a car 9,819lbs) showing that no one was in the car. Oh I know I probably
had bad form or I was on a hill, hey listen jackass come to PA and look me
up sometime,as a matter of fact let me know your coming and I’ll meet up
with you.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube

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