Improving your Explosive pushup power

A lot of people want to know how to improve the number of pushups they can do and
you probably want to know too. Is there secrets? I think there are .There are a lot of
people that will tell you that they know how pushups are supposed to be done.
I think there are a lot of ways pushups can be done that will bring better results
then the regular way of doing pushup.

Everyone wants to know can you do pushups everyday? I say yes, As long as you mix up
the way you do your pushups. I mean do them different. Do some slow, do some fast, put
your hands at different positions, do some explosive pushups.

You can do them in a high number of reps. Or you can do them in lower reps but more
sets. You can make them harder by just switching your hand position.

One pushuptrick is to use more of your triceps then your shoulder to do the pushup. To
many people use the shoulder to do their pushup and usually whined up straining their
shoulder. The tricep is bigger then the front of the shoulder. You will generate more power
using your tricep. The tighter you keep your body, the more power and strength you will
be able to use.

Years ago someone put a 235 lb truck rim and snow chains on my back to see if I could
do a pushup with it. The tire went to the top of my head to the back of my heels, and I
started with my chest on the deck so there was no momentum.

If I didn’t keep a tight body and use my triceps I would have never gotten off the ground.
If you look at the one youtube video me using a pushup to start pushing a van and car
you will notice how my arms are positioned.

Right now I’m working on a new manual called ” How to build explosive pushup power”
which will take you to beginner and building a strong body to doing explosive

If you would be interested In the explosive push up manual leave me a comment.
Or leave me a comments on the article.

Johnny Grube


  1. I’m interested in the explosive push-up manual. Bring it on!

  2. Mr grube, My name is maurice,i can’t wait for the pushup manual to come out, i would be very grateful if you would email me and let me know when it’s available so i can purchase imediately thankyou.

  3. dario pavlovic says

    push ups NO1 exercise,the best ever invented,i;m working out for past 18 years on and of,and i regret ever lifting any weights at all,push ups and pullups,some body weight squats for functional strength ,nothing else needed THNX

  4. Lawson Farrar says

    Pleaes keep the information coming

  5. John I think that a push-up manual is a great idea, I think a lot of people would enjoy doing more push-ups if they were taught some techniques on how to improve. Great idea i will buy one. thanks Brownie

  6. John,
    I am currently a Marine in Afghanistan and I am interested in your explosive push up manual. Being here and working long hours I do not have a lot of time for training and would be interested in achieving max results in the least amount of time.

    Semper Fi,
    Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

  7. John

    I think push ups are fantastic for a bw based programme, so much variety. A push up manual is a great idea.

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