Injuries, can you prevent them or do you cause them?

Injuries, can you prevent them or do you cause them?

I get questions about injuries from time to time and I really don’t like
talking about injuries. Why? Because despite what you believe or are
told, I know the more you focus on injuries the more prone you are to

All my life I have done physical labor, it’s how I support my family and
I also never miss an opportunity to train. Over the years after all the lifting,
bending, reaching, stretching in all types of weather cold, hot and training
before work or sometimes after work you start to know your body and I
know for a fact that the body will rebound to almost any stress you give to

I know when a man focuses on getting hurt he usually gets hurt. I have heard
so many people say I don’t want to lift that it’s to heavy I might get hurt. Most
men are always thinking about hurting themselves. It’s so bad that most stores
have their employees wear back braces to lift, this piece of equipment alone
will keep focus on will I get injured or not. These back belts actually make the
core weaker. It would be like putting on knee wraps to go for a walk so you
don’t twist a knee.

I get a lot of questions about how much should someone train, how much
rest should I get? You are the only one that can answer that question.
I can’t answer it. A trainer can’t answer it. A doctor can’t answer it.

Only you can answer it, only you can really know your body.

No one knows what you can handle but you. You need to know how far
to push and you need to know when to back off.

The diet you eat and how you live will also determine how your body
recovers from workouts and injury. If you eat like shit and drink after
work 3 or 4 times a week your body will have a tough time recovering.

If you think your body will recover from a shit diet and all night drinking
binges add in training, you will be more fatigued and your body will
wear down real fast.

I knew a guy that would bench press everyday and he was winning
bench press contests. I work a labor job all week and still workout
everyday and have almost my whole life. Have I ever been injured?

Yes. Usually from stupid ego training, what do I mean? Lifting weights
that I probably shouldn’t have been lifting, there was a time I would do
shrugs with 700lbs or squat low with 600lbs or squat 300 lbs for 20
reps. How about a 285 lb push press over head or a 1,200lb hip belt
lift I was always getting shoulder, knee and pulled neck injuries.

Waking up in the morning having a tough time rolling out of bed because
of pain and knowing I had to go to work and labor all day was never easy
but it’s all I knew. When I switched to bodyweight training things changed
I started feeling better, wasn’t getting injured, got leaner and became
athletic again. Do I get injured now? I don’t get injured but do get sore
from time to time because I always change my workout to confuse the
muscles, I listen to my body and it gives the answer I need.

Remember you get what you tend to focus on. Think injuries, get injured.
Keep it out of the mind, train and listen to your body.

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