Injury Theory for physical fitness

I hear a lot of men talking about injury, I just want to know why when men
train they always worry about what if or when I get an injury. These thoughts
are non productive when it comes to training.

Why would anyone who wants to stay in great shape ever worry about injury?
When a man thinks injury he can’t become his best. If you are always worried about
injury you won’t push yourself because in the back of your mind you are thinking injury.

If you are thinking injury how can you ever expect to push a little farther without that thought?

You can’t. I’ve heard my whole life working labor, men are always worried about hurting
their backs and pulling muscles and the men that are always complaining and worried
are always the ones that get hurt or their the ones that never go the extra for fear of injury.

It’s very rare that men that don’t complain and just go at it get injured, it’s usually the cry
babies. If you think thoughts of injuries you will get injured.

In my opinion you can never reach great results by thinking failure and if you think injury
you are thinking failure. You need to know you, you need to know what’s possible. Only you
know what you can do and how far you can go and if you think injury you are going to get
hurt and limp around with a weak sick body.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. David Meyer says

    I love your exercises and the way I am feelilng in general after doing them, but I do have some really intense pain radiating from my elbow joints to my tricep area. It is just so strange, because I did Deck of Death with burpees and I loved that workout. It wasn’t until the very end I experienced some pain and it has lasted about 5 days now. What shocks me is my muscles aren’t sore at all from doing over 400 burpees, but my joint area in elbows is bothering me. Is there a way to prevent this? Does this usually happen when people get into extreme body weight exercise routines.

  2. David Meyer says

    Did 200 pushups, 100 jumping jacks, 50 step ups, and 50 jumping lunges for my lunch break. I am still getting lots of tendon pain in my left elbow after doing lots of repititions of pushups. I am trying really hard to not lock out my elbows as on every rep. It is kind of frustrating because it doesn’t seem to get my muscles sore doing that many reps, but my tendon is really, really, really sore.

    I am excited to learn more and keep trying this and plan on taking a couple of days off of pushups and focuing on sprints, bear crawls, suicides, and other exercises to give my tendon a rest. Even though I am exeperiencing pain I think this is one of the best exercise routines I have ever started. Lots of variety and I feel alot stronger than I have felt before.

  3. You sound like someone that has never done anything in their life.

    Most people that have served in special ops units in the military have knee or back problems. Not the whining type either.

    But I guess in your limited, naive opinion we must be “cry babies”.


  4. Pain is awarning sign that something is wrong. ignore it at your peril. particularly for the older trainer. as far as special ops, per the previous poster, the military isn’t concerned about their long-term health, just whether they can gut out the next mission.I respectfully disagree with your philosophy regarding injury.

  5. Isn’t the “no pain, no gain” concept a thing of the past? If you are always pushing yourself to failure, in time you will fail to exercise at all. We must listen to our bodies. Pushing through pain is not a good idea. Soreness is one thing, pain is a very different matter. Tr4022 says it well.

  6. Yes, we should distinguish between serious joint pain and muscle soreness. If my elbow or shoulder joints are really bothering me, for a few days I will do mainly step ups with something like jump squats so I am still training but letting the vulnerable area rest. You might also experiment with different hand placement on the burpees. How about doing them on your knuckles with palms facing, a neutral grip? Bear crawls, a total body exercise, can also help in recovering from shoulder and or elbow pain.

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