Isometric Mental And Physical Toughness.

Here is an Isometric workout you can try.

Get in to a push up position on your knuckles.

Put your feet up on at least a 10″ bench or stool.

Now hold this push up position for 1 minute rest 1 minute.

Repeat for 45 minutes.

Body needs to be straight, no sagging.

I guarantee you will be tested mentally and physically!

~ Strength ~

Johnny Grube


  1. A. Calderon says

    Sounds like a tough workout but I’d rather do super explosive push ups for 5 minutes with 5 secs rest than to waste 45 minutes of precious time. Do you really do this workout or is it just a suggestion?

  2. I really do it. I try different things. It’s boring and long but it’s building mental and physical durability. It’s a change up.

  3. A. Calderon. You need to train according to your goals.

    You are strong, you like doing feats of strength, continue on. Train on!

  4. @Calderon and Johnny:
    both ideas sound great!
    Different goals need different ways.

    Will try it out later, but maybe start with a shorter duration.

  5. @Johnny grube. Actually I just stopped training for the 1 rep max like a month ago and I switched to only cardio and conditioning because my new goal is to lose weight and get back to 170 like I used to be. Believe it or not I used to be a conditioning beast before turning to powerlifting. I wanted to try something different and decided to go from 170 to 240lbs. But now I miss my old body and I want to go back to 170. I had my fun with powerlifting already. It’s time for another change

  6. I damaged my body and joints from heavy weight training years ago with a combination of blue collar work and doing stupid things.

    I’m paying the price. I found a nature bodyweight and more natural training is best for me.

    Good luck.

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