Isometric Pushups Build Strength And Toughness.

I have showed people for years how a few minutes one time a day, or a few times a day, can dramatically
change your thoughts of how you can build strength and conditioning far more impressive than entering
any gym.

For instance most people brag about how many pushups they can do, but what about how strong your
body is under tension.

Muscle under tension is a weakness MOST every man has in and out of the gym.

The longer your muscle is under tension the stronger and more durable you get.

The only time I was ever injured lifting things was in the gym, but NEVER outside the gym in a manual
labor environment.

The gym is so unnatural, the way most people train.

The most unorthodox men that train in unorthodox ways are usually much stronger,
tougher, physically and mentally
than the majority of men in ANY gym.

Men who feel they need to use every supplement, every new piece of training gear, bench shirts, belts,
wraps are fucking themselves up by putting more stress on their body through aids than they can naturally

I said it before, if you cant shoulder it, you shouldn’t be walking with it!

Ego gets you under a heavy barbell you CAN’T lift without a rack, and ego makes you walk three
steps with it as some amazing feat of strength, to keep feeding ego, it would be safer to just pick it
up and holding it for time then taking three steps with it.

Time under tension is fucking UNDER RATED!

Instead of repping out on pushups, try to hold the “Pushup Plank” for just a couple of minutes keeping your
entire body straight, guaranteed the most physically fit, will fail, and I know for a fact THE STRONGEST
FAIL MISERABLY doing only one “5 Minute Pushup” because I had
a guy with an almost a 500lb bench press try and fail!

Adding just 10 to 25 extra pounds will make this exercise so brutal your conditioning will be called
into play in the first minute!

Assume the the pushup position, now hold straight and tight for 3 minutes, lower into the mid way position
arms at about 90 degrees (parallel). hold that position for 30 seconds to 1 minute now push back up, if you
can, and hold for the remaining time!

Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are more valuable than puffy muscles that
are for strictly for gym use!

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep kicking ass Grube, I myself would do isometrics everyday, it’s really good.

  2. I’m definitely gonna do this . That’s my word ! Keep kicking ass with these articles John . I so fucking look forward to your articles you have no idea ! Thanks a million

  3. Isometrics to failure, now that’s a KILLER!!

  4. @Marovsky

    Hell Yea !!!

  5. True strength. I always look forward to your articles. Greetings from Greece.

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