Isometric Samson Chair Is For Men, A Real Chair Is For Resting!

The Samson Chair, The Iron Chair, the Static Wall Sit!

The way I do the Samson Chair is with weighted objects, because Samson Chair sounds way stronger than Static Wall Sit!

It matters how you think when you train! Samson Chair makes you feel powerful, Static Wall Sit feels like I’m training in Planet Fitness!

Isometrics are a lost tool of old time strong men, slowly but surely more people are coming to see the benefits, but most think its just a supplemental training exercise and NOT a real form of strength

Great strong men of the past proved that isometrics are a fucking serious strength building tool, and will build you a base of strength that may NOT be visual but will absolutely build strength that
is very usable!

Most training today is centered around selling gym memberships, bodybuilding or power lifting or actually exercise for sport, with billions of dollars every year being sold in supplements which in most cases are NOT necessary.

Most training today is centered  around selling gym memberships, bodybuilding or power lifting or actually exercise for sport, with billions of dollars every year being sold in supplements which in
most cases are NOT necessary and a huge waste of money.

I’m probably king of doing the Samson Chair with added weight, rarely do you ever see anyone doing the Samson Chair because it is very painful after a minute or two, and adding extra weight
makes this exercise and physical and mental toughness builder!

What good is training if you aren’t building physical and mental toughness?

A man needs a strong base and the Samson Chair will build you into an almost immovable object, almost like you are rooted in the ground.

You will rarely see any men actually doing the Samson Chair because it will exploit their weakness and fuck up their small ego!

My legs need to carry me from point A to point B as fast as possible, my legs got to feel strong and stable, for climbing up and down on and off things, over long distances and up and down hills and across rough terrain.

Squatting heavy weights, or squatting hundreds of times over short periods of time will actually weaken the legs in the long run.

It was nothing for me in the past to squat 600 lbs in my weight training days, than later in life to do thousands of squats in one workout only to find that eventually the knees will start to show wear and tear!

I’m not here to change any one’s mind, at about a bodyweight of 160 lbs what do I know? After all I know longer have a 400 lb bench press or 18 1/2″ arms so I’m less credible in the eyes of today’s juiced up”Gym Culture” but fuck them, I have already done what most are still trying to do, without drugs!

The Samson Chair is not for the weak, it’s for strong fucking men, hence the name “Samson Chair”! and don’t forget the Samson Chair is a serious body toughening exercise as well as a conditioning exercise, it won’t take long before you’re breathing heavy and your body is fighting for oxygen and you’re not even moving!

I have given many different ways and the kinds of weighted objects you can use to experiment.

Use: rocks, heavy bags or sandbags, weighted back packs, cinder blocks, barbells, dumbbells anything!

The Samson Chair will make you feel strong because so many would be easily defeated by such a basic exercise.

Samson Chair is for men, a real chair is for resting!

Johnny Grube


  1. This isometric will have your legs burning, very much effective. Great post Johnny Grube!

  2. My training revolved around doing hundreds of squats, since it will cause wear and tear, I might as well do samson chairs only from now on.

  3. @marovsky:
    well, don´t give up on them yet. you can still vary. one day high rep, the other day samson chair. also sprints are never a mistake!

  4. @troy

    I actually started doing hill sprints, yeah sprinting is a good one.

  5. Marovsky, I don’t do thousands of squats anymore because it doesn’t fit in to my way of life, great for conditioning, I find weighted step ups are more natural at least to me and will condition like nothing else.

    Troy had good recommendations.

    Hill sprints are great. Also weighted carries.

    But if you enjoy them, carry on, just pay attention your body, it will know when you need a change up.

  6. Johnny Grube, thanks for the advice man.

  7. I’ve been getting the same way with Burpees . Love them and Wil always love them and they are a phenomenal conditioner in my opinion but however I’ve been getting the same mindset as you @Johnny Grube . I’ve been feeling knee aches every now and then being I do burpees everyday. I agree on the weighted step ups being more natural and the Samson Chair . I am developing the same mindset to train as natural as possible . Such as carries, pulls, sprints etc… Thanks for this heads up John as I been feeling really stale with the burpees lately.

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