Isometric Training Is Hard Training!


  1. From doing 20 descending sets of prisoner squat thrusts, I had two sore tendons on my triceps. But from doing the mid push up holds, it has gotten better and stronger.

    Isometrics are the real “magic bullet” for the body.

  2. Just read Steve justa’s book, big on isometric holds

  3. Nothing makes me feel so light afoot like isometrics!

  4. I usually take 10-20kg plate,and hold it in front,arms bent,
    And go to squat position,hold 8sec,stand up explosive,
    Immediately again in squat,again 8sec hold,2sec for up
    And down,and u dont have to count,just check total time

  5. look up

    amazing and real life value of isometrics!!!

  6. Johnny you’re a beast and an inspiration. Love your style man. I know you were reading Making Manhood in Modern America. In the chapter on strength I advocate for the utility of plyometric and isometric training. You prove that plyometrics and isometrics can make you incredibly strong. You take true masculine strength to that next level man. Great stuff.

  7. Jared thanks. Love the book! I will do a review soon.

  8. I’m doing more isometrics as I get older. Not only are they effective , they are also easier on my 51 year old joints.
    Something I like to do which may not have been mentioned here is isometric punches agains the wall . Put your fist against the wall , dig your back foot in and drive with your hips. Try to push your fist into that wall. Jay “Champ ” Thomas recommended this in his books and it works for me.

  9. Rob, Yes a good exercise I do it from time to time.

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