Isometrics Are Tools Of The Strong.

I will continue to write on how amazing Isometrics are and how they have been used since the beginning of time, in every area of manual labor, and in all combat sports, used by athletes, strong men, and prisoners.

I will also to continue to write about “Conditioned Strength ” I hate that most people don’t use the phrase “Physical Fitness” anymore!

Men today continue to destroy their bodies lifting weights they have no business lifting, injury is your body rejecting the weights you just tried to hoist!

I will not write about what everyone else is writing about, I think most of it is all bullshit as well as the so called trainers!

People look at the way I train as some how inferior to gym training where most guys curl in the squat rack.

Some guys even say they lift heavy, yeah they say, but never post numbers or videos, why?

Probably because they aren’t really that strong, or believe me they would tell people about it.

Most of these guys were probably in the school band or ran cross country, then grew up to try and reinvent themselves, by talking about Red Pill Masculinity!

One guy was saying he lifts heavy and does MMA.

Do you need one rep max to be able to fight? NO!

Conditioning? Yes!

In the first UFC Royce Gracie 176 lbs looked like he NEVER lifted a grocery bag yet beat “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock the muscled up, juiced up fighter who out weighed him by 40 lbs!

I was fed the bullshit, ate it, until I could no longer stomach it!

But here is the funny thing, I’m still fucking strong, and haven’t been to traditional gym almost 30 years!

I will not listen to any  “Man” who can’t validate their positions through real life experience, study or work!

Isometrics are so useful and versatile.

I demonstrated Isometrics in more ways than most others.

I show different weights, different weights on different parts of the body, different objects like back packs, cinder blocks, rocks, heavy bags, different times.

Isometrics Workout:

30 lb Back Pack and 20 lb dumbbells

Drop into a Isometric Horse Stance wearing the 30 lb Back Pack pick up the 20 lb dumbbells and hold your arms at a 90° degree.

For as long as possible, shoot for 2 minutes!

Pissing Everyone Off, Is Part Of Life!

Johnny Grube



  1. Marovsky says

    My isometric workout I just did before going to sleep

    3 min push up hold (45 sec mid push up hold)
    3 min isometric horse stance.

  2. Isometrics definitely came into play today at my job big time . Me and 4 other men were holding up a steel beam to a ceiling while standing on a scaffold. Yes we had the weight of the beam but the holding it overhead to the ceiling while the men under us installed the anchors. The holding it overhead for a long period of time was isometric. We were drenched in sweat and shoulders were burning like a mfk ! Isometrics are no joke ! Great article John

  3. Good post as usual, Johnny. By the way, did you close down your Twitter account?

  4. Bob, I did shut down my Twitter account. To many people talking about and giving advice on subjects they only have opinions on. I felt there was very little value.

  5. I remember putting in pull down attic steps sitting on a ladder, steps over my head holding them in place while my screwed them in, it was hard, and I struggled. This was before isometric training.

  6. Marovsky great stuff!

  7. @chuck

    had a similar experience recently. i could press that weight up, but holding it for an extended period of time was …tricky.
    isometrics are great!

  8. @Troy

    Yea it’s definitely some tough stuff

  9. Marovsky says

    Ha, good stuff, I’mma do handstand isometric holds to further enhance my strength and conditioning.

    I am able to do 20 handstand push ups straight, coming short to locking out, I would have done more.

  10. John any way to contact you?

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