Isometrics The Forgotten Secret Of Strength

What do most old time strong men, old school trainers, and athletes have in common?

Most of them trained using Isometrics.

Isometrics are NOT what most people think they are, they are serious business.

All todays professional strong men like Bud Jeffries, Steve Justa and Steve Maxwell and many more, are users of Isometrics.

It is foreign to most men in today’s fitness culture.

Isometrics are a forgotten secret.

Isometrics have been used for millions of years, in labor and survival, and some men are so strong from what I call

“Working Isometrics”

I even used Isometrics when I trained with weights, inside a power rack, which was also called an “Isometric Rack” but it took me over 20 years and two years of injuries to revisit Isometric training.

I’m not here to try and convince anyone to listen to my training philosophy, because people need to believe what they believe until it no longer works.

The truely stupid are the ones that continue even though they never get any results.

They spend time talking to others to keep validating their beliefs despite their results.

I can guarantee that “Most” strong guys couldn’t do the short two to five minute Isometric workout I post.

Isometric Horse Stance workout is simple, assume the Old School Horse Stance for three minutes – drop down on your knuckles, lower into the half pushup position (arms parallel) hold for two minutes while your body gasps for air.

Isometric Superman Plank

Lay on the ground on your stomach, hands stretched out over your head, now using only your feet and palms of your hands, tighten your body and raise it off the floor.

It’s very demanding and MOST can’t even do one of these.

But if you can hold the Superman Plank for as long as possible 30 seconds to two minutes is going to have your body in fire!

I will cover more about Isometrics in

“The Anti – Gym Manifesto”

Follow your own path!

Johnny Grube



  1. The horse stance is the king, lots of martial artist, along with Shaolin monks train using that isometric hold. Keep kicking ass Grube, isometrics deserve respect.

  2. Isometrics kicking everybody’s ass since beginning of time LOL. I remember back in high school when I used to play basketball and ran track they would make us do wall sits for conditioning at the beginning of each season. I absolutely hated this workout after one minute my legs were on fire, afterwords they felt like wet noodles and I had a hard time walking it was the most dreaded workout I can remember. But I learned as I got older I appreciate them now. I wish I did back my teens

  3. Nothing tops

    Best site on the internet HANDS DOWN !!!!

  4. Thanks brother!

  5. They are killers!

  6. Yes! Stoked you’re developing your favorite/most useful Isometric positions…Looks like we are getting another Epic 8 soon and a new book/development. Some of us value your opinion. Samson chair, Pushup hold, Superman hold, half-pushup, Horse stance,wall push, tug-o-war, pull-up hang. All great!

  7. Nowadays, people only use isometrics for rehabilitation, which is a BIG mistake. With isometrics, it is easier to put lots of tension as possible, which in turn makes the muscles stronger and tougher. Like Johnny G said, your body doesn’t know, only you know, the muscles respond to ANY stress given.

  8. What I like about you, Johnny, is that you stay consistent with real life training, without any B.S. “new exercise theory”, just doing short, concise, intense workouts, true “old school” workouts, which are the best way to go. I really like the article you posted Fit To Fight. I follow this routine religiously now, as it is a short, concise, effective workout that only takes about 17 minutes, and then I can get on with my day. All the best to you.

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