Isometrics Will Test Your Strength!

Most men go to the gym because they don’t know any other way to become strong and conditioned.

They have been fed bullshit that they need to do exercises like the bench press or behind the neck presses, and that the gym is the only place that strength can be built!

I believed the same BULLSHIT!

So after 30 plus years of training and reading everything from books, courses magazines, articles I woke up from the brainwashing of the “Gym Culture” along time ago!

So how strong do you have to be? And how are you strong?

Most men are gym strong and outside weak! 

Simple Isometric holds can show you how weak you really are.

Most men who are gym strong are easily injured outside the gym when they use their body in a different way then they are accustomed to.

Be strong outside the gym, for daily rigorous activity, it’s being strong and conditioned that matters when you really need it!

Isometrics are a part of manual labor and men don’t realize that, they also use them in the gym, and are rarely aware.

Actually men who train in the gym don’t usually do much outside the gym, their jobs are usually sit down jobs, which rips apart their natural energy.

Isometric will humble the strongest men!

Johnny Grube







  1. Andrew stone says

    I work a physically demanding job and I have found isometrics have helped me more than anything else.
    I am not as big as when I lifted weights but I could not care less.
    I am functionally stronger than ever at 53 years of age.

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    Always did isometrics for stronger punching power. Would put my fist against a wall and press full force for time and man did I develop some strong punching power. Good article John.

  3. Andrew I hear ya!

  4. They are great, to bad people will dismiss them as ineffective!

  5. I’m very curious. I know this is a dumb question but in what way does isometrics are effective? But I’m not gonna lie, I do isometrics as well. I just wanna know how they are effective.

  6. Yeah Chuck, I am doing the same thing you are doing. Getting stronger like a ripped dangerous motherfucker. Yeah!!!!

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