It’s All Coming To An End!

I no longer want to do this. I no longer enjoy writing this blog. Actually, I never did enjoy it.

I will be finishing up some projects this year and then decide what I will do.

I will be going through my notebooks, (I always keep a notebook with me to write my thoughts and ideas), and put it in a book I’m working on, which are things I never wrote about in blogs or talked about on my videos.

I’m just fine with society destroying itself, through weakness, and the weak will suffer!

We live in good times, comfortable times and people are breaking down mentally.

Drugs, booze, medications for depression and anxiety, is now the way of the world!

Maybe, we should just allow the weak to destroy themselves, to step back and watch them eliminate themselves through substance abuse and suicide.

Weak people are easily offended and are of no value, they are the ones crippling society, they are less likely to carry on the family heritage.

They are okay with letting their ancestry die, to follow groups like “MGTOW” because a women might take them.

Strong men and weak men can both be taken, but a strong man carries on, a weak man blames the women and society.

FUCK it!

Johnny Grube


  1. Totally understandable!
    All the best to you and thanks for many interesting ideas!
    It’s been a ride!

  2. @Johnny Grube

    True, there is no way to change their ways, society might as well destroy itself.

    We wish you the best of strengths John!

  3. That’s too bad Johnny. I always liked the blog, but I can’t say that I blame you. Take care.

  4. This is indeed a hard pill to swallow. You will definitely be missed . Thank you for all the laughs , truths , lessons and overall all the memories . I’ve learned so much from you John . Don’t ever think for even a second that you never reached someone with this blog . Every morning and night 7 days a week I come here to see if there’s a new article. Thanks for making a difference in my life .

    As I’ve always said…. hands down the best fucking website on the web !

  5. I’ll miss you man but I totally respect your decision. You can’t change the world
    I wish you all the best with the rest of your life

  6. Take care, Johnny. I respect your decision and understand where you are coming from. Thank you for your great inspirational posts and articles, that have helped me greatly. All the best, always.

  7. Looking forward to the next book. I have nearly all of them and continue to give them away. I think I’ve bought 6 total (UFP5) as gifts and means to shut people up on Facebook. “Now you have everything you need, so please stop bitching on fb that ‘nothing works'” Spending everyday at the gym and getting no results. Going for other people and the cookie bar. I saw one post, “Had to drive all the way home and skip the gym because I forgot my head phones. Ugh!” Uhhhh… Wow.

  8. Thanks Nance.

  9. Hang in there Johnny.. your posts are the realest stuff on the web! The world needs you!

  10. Glen MacCharles says

    You’ve been a huge inspiration for me in more ways than one.

  11. Thanks brother!

  12. Thanks Simon.

  13. John Citizen says

    Thanks for your writing Johnny. I always felt fired up about training after reading your blog.

    Best of luck for the future.

  14. Your blog and books are a beacon of light through all the gym bullshit advice. High rep bodyweight training is the way to go. Can’t wait for your next book. Thanks for all your help and advice it’s helped me tremendously.

  15. Anthony Romayo says

    Sorry to hear that but I respect your decision. I’ve learned more about real world training for you that anyone else ever.I’m looking forward to your new book or books and will purchase anything that you write. You’ve been a big inspiration to me since I’ve got back to body weight training. Thank you

  16. Hang in there bro I ain’t going anywhere!

  17. Just read this. Though it’s a bit aged now, thank God you didn’t quit. In a world of commodified fitness and preening pumpers infesting our beloved subculture, men like you are teaching the next generation about true Physical Culture. Strength above all.

  18. Yeah man.

  19. While I understand and respect your decision man your reaching, and inspiring alot of us out there. Really enjoy your material

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