It’s Your Lack of a Plan and Limitations that Cripple YOU!

It’s Your Lack of a Plan and Limitations that Cripple YOU!

How can a man at 61 get stronger? Isn’t this an excuse for most men? No time
or I’m too old. Yet, I continue to get responses from men in their 40′s all the
way to their 70′s. But, how can these men make progress and most men or
even kids fail to keep up with an exercise program and fail to make any real

Number one reason is the “I need to try everything in every workout
mentality” this is a failing training system. Unless you are going for the
jack of all trades mentality, then it’s perfect.

I do believe workouts always need to change and very frequently.
When you have no plan, no agenda you leave a lot on the table. Every
workout has to have some objective in mind.

Can you just wing it? You can, but you need to at least have some
goal in mind, time, how many, where to train and you need to keep
track of every workout. I know this rarely happens and this is a
reason for working out and not working out. You can NOT improve
if you have no idea what you have already done.

Limitations are another problem for most men. Most men find a role
model and try to do what these guys do and when they find they can’t
they quit and move on to another workout program by someone else,
and think they have found the answer, and the same thing happens.

The best thing you can learn is the only person you need to compete
with is YOURSELF! It’s all up to you. You can find a role model, and I
suggest it, and you can track your improvement by seeing where you
are and how you fare to them. You are not competing it’s a mark to
see how far you have come.

Another key is to focus on what your objective is, if you want to be
super fit you can’t just go through the motions you need to know
what you want to accomplish. If you don’t, you will never be
in the class of the super fit you will remain just like everyone else
looking for answers on forums talking to guys just like you.

So it’s your choice, lead, have a plan, work hard and work
past your limitations.

Toughness Builds Winners



  1. Yeah I can relate to trying to get everything in in a workout. And then if I don’t have enough time for ALL of it , then there is the temptation to do NONE of it. I eventually figured out that it’s better to do a few chin-ups, sit-ups, and push ups than none at all. The person who does a little consistently will outshine the one who does a lot inconsistenly. Thanks for reminding me of this again.

  2. Dave Robbie says

    John – Thanks for the reminder. While I do train everyday, I don’t always write down what I do. The best progress I have made is when I review my logbook and work to improve upon the last time I did it. I always do improve even if it is just by a few seconds or a few more reps in a specific time. I will get back to the logbook and write everything down. Thanks!

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