“Jack of all trades – Master of none

We have all heard this saying at one time or another. But what does it mean. To me it’s a man
who can do a lot of different things but not real good at it. This happens a lot with men and women
that have a lot of schooling meaning learning smarts. These people really never accomplish much
but they can tell you everything and anything you need to know about any subject.

I learned a long time ago don’t argue a subject you know nothing about, and don’t argue a subject
you know little about to an expert who has actually accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Here’s my take on the jack of all trades when in comes to physical fitness. First, most have no idea
where they want their fitness to take them. Second, Most never read a book or go to a gym or do
any exercise at all and seem to know everything. Some get their weight loss advice from a fatter
friend others get fitness advice from an overweight smoker, don’t laugh I have seen this and heard
this on more then one occasion.

Before we do anything we need to decide what we want from our fitness goals. If you want to be a runner,
a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, a weight lifter, a strong man if you want to lose weight etc. If you just go out
and start to exercise you will find it difficult to continue with a program if you have no idea why your
doing it.

Most of the men and women I talk to are into fitness pretty hard-core and training is a lifestyle and I will
tell you that if they didn’t have goals they would not  continue this lifestyle.

Getting back to the jack of all trades, to many men and women think to much into a program and never
really get fit at anyone thing a common workout jogging, treadmill, lifting weights this really gets boring
when you do the same thing over and over without results.

The questions like how do you get better at pullups, pushup, gain weight, lose weight the answer is to
dedicate your time and energy to the one goal you want to accomplish. Want to lose weight spend
your time figuring out the best way to go about it then stick to the plan. Want to get better at pushups?
Do more pushups. Want to get better at pullups? Do a lot of pullups. Simple and it works everytime.
You will never see a winner who doesn’t put in the time and sweat.

A successful power lifter will spend time practicing the three lifts the bench, dead lift and squat and he will
do what ever possible to get stronger you won’t see his focus on bodybuilding, two different sports. Michael
Jordan played basketball, and what did he do to get better? played more basketball. Tri athletes bike, swim
and run.

If you want to be physically fit then train to be physically fit. If you want to get better doing one arm pushups
spend most of your time doing one arm pushups. I think it’s better to try and be a master then being able to
do some things half as good. You will never be better then everyone at everything, but you can get really
great a couple of things. So set your goals and work to be the best you can, keep it simple. Complication
will never give you the results you are looking for.

The best I have ever been and the best shape I have ever been in was because I got away from the
complicated workouts and went bare bones basic. Try it.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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