Johnny Grube's dark, violent past.

Yes I was a Pot Head many years ago.And when I wasn’t smoked up I was a violent
mean person.¬†I wasn’t much of a drinker. Both my parents drank a lot, I never seen
my dad sober growing up. My mom is a violent drunk she’s 70 and is still a bad drunk
I haven’t talked to her in about 14 years.

The last time I drank was 15 years ago when I passed out for 2 days down in
my down stairs bathroom. My two older kids had to tie jump ropes to my
arms and drag me in the bathroom for two days I slept . That was the first
and last time my kids seen me drink.

I love the experts that tell you that drinking in moderation is good for you.
Well I liked smoking pot ,would smoking pot in moderation be o.k.?

Oh that’s right it’s illegal. I love the people that tell you that smoking pot pushes
you to use harder – stronger drugs. But I guess alcohol doesn’t push you to stronger
alcohol, whiskey, vodka, etc.

Just because something is legal smoking, alcohol, overeating doesn’t mean it’s good
for you. I’m going to be honest I liked smoking pot but I quit when I had kids because
I couldn’t tell them not to smoke pot or do drugs if I did it. I never had a bad experience
smoking pot but could not handle alcohol.

I’m not afraid to tell people of my dark past, and believe me I had one. I pulled myself
out of a dark past a long time ago, and I lived in the past a long time and it affected me
in a lot of bad ways. I was mean, nasty and no one dared cross me for fear of my physically
violent reactions.

My family stayed away, I had a problem dealing with people and I was ready for battle
at the drop of a hat. All this time I used my strength and fitness level to reap havoc on
anyone that pissed me off. But reading, changing my thoughts, and finding out that I
could do more then just hurt people physically and mentally changed my life.

I wanted to change and I did. It took work and I’m still working to make my life and
my families life still better.

Always feel free to leave comments or any advice you may have.

Johnny Grube


  1. hi Johny,
    your writings are absolutely ‘no nonsense’,straight to the point and are so honest that i or for that matter anyone would simply be inspired !
    you never fail to tickle the real spirit within even if it is lying dormant..
    i thank you for what you propound and i respect you for that.
    i am 56 years old, very fond of exercises but being in india where all this scientific discourses were absent .. all my life all i did was hindu pushups and squats in fairly big volumes like i used ti do 400 psh ups and 500 squats when i was young.. i discovered burpee just 4 months back and it simply amazed me .. i can do some 20 in one min it is great .. well i will stop rambling .. all i wanted was to thank and congratulate you for your work and to tell you that i appreciate it very much.

    ajit pandey

  2. Charles Long says

    The key there is that you wanted to change and you did. A lot of people pay lip service to wanting to stop smoking or drinking but they never do stop. They don’t want it bad enough. You did want it and you did do it. Good going Wildman.

  3. Hey John,
    I’ve never been much of a drinker but I did have some trouble with drugs. I never got to the point of becoming an addict- I think- but I realized that at the age of 18 I was doing more damage to my family than anyone had ever done; so I decided to quit before doing some serious damage.

    I’m 21 years old and I’m still making ammends but it’s good to know that I had the strength to stop before seriously hurting myself and my family.


  4. I look forward to receiving your emails and blogs. I love to train lots of different ways with bells, bodyweight and boxing but keep being drawn back to the simplicity of your system and ideas! I own the wild man program and regularly use it! And punish my training partners with it, good work and please keep inspiring us with your no B.S. views! Cheers Shane H, Australia

  5. Johnny,
    Thanks for the honesty. Thats what I love so much about your site and your advice its straight up and from the heart. I cannot drink alcohol in moderation, I struggle with eating in moderation hence the see saw diet life I live. I now I have these problems no bottle or pill or operation can help me. Pick myself up when I need to and don’t beat myself up if I slide off the diet wagon just hit the gym harder and realize that its ok to make mistakes. I’m not going to live in the past its done its gone the only chance to change I have is now. Now I am thankful for your advice workouts and crazy ass exercise. I will be moving soon but you will be coming with me thanks man you FN rock


  6. Johnny Wildman – this story is perhaps the best example of the wildman philosophy. Take responsibility, move forward, don’t make excuses, and never quit!
    The discipline of physical training – wildman training, applied to other areas leads to success!

  7. What made ya come out with this today? I’ve gotten your mailings for a while. I try a bit I’m 52 run a little and was doing 100 pushups a day till I pull a chest muscle doing upright rows. Just wonder about your coming clean with the past..Ron

  8. john good on you.I have had a childhood where i was beaten up by my father i started training only to be big and strong enough to exact revenge on him . my training consisted of boxing judo weights and bodyweight exercises it got so i was in real fighting shape but in the early years i like you would hit anything that angered me especially in drink anyone that crossed me i would use my physical fitness and strength to whup one day someone remarked i was just like my dad, i had become what i despised i have not drunk since i try to get on with people, assholes i wont give the time of day too, i keep fit now to control my temper and life

  9. Hey Johnny i can relate to this article as i was a pot head and party man also i was a skinny and out of shape long haired punk, i started lifting weights when i was about 25 weight about 135 at 6-2 can you imagined that, i have lifted off and on for about 20 years i ran across your site and i am serious looking at changing my routines to body weight training i am about 250 now but have some injuries from squatting and bench pressing no longer can do either, how do i start to incorporate the change of fitness from weights to non weights? Do you still add any free weights in your programs?

  10. Wow amazing! personal power and true character, I admire you Sir, I hope that people like yourself continue educating our population between the differences of functional strength and brute strength.

  11. i came across this man on youtube.. he’s inspired me. Speaking truth on social issues and using fitness is related to blue coller working man.. thanks for be an inspiration

  12. I love your articles.

    I’m from a different land and a different culture and a different faith than you but I agree 110% about fighting against the sicknesses of society.

    Like you, I had a dark past and had a dark outlook towards things, but then I felt disgusting inside, and I needed redemption and to gain the high morals and ethics and innocence that was once a part of me when I was very young. And I knew I needed our Creator.

    I invite you, Mr. Grube, to have a read of a book that is very sacred to over 2,000,000,000 people with an open heart and an open mind.

    It is a book that if you strive to read and understand it will fill your heart with true contentment and peace and has in it the descriptions of the Life After Death. It has been unchanged for over 1,440 years.

    I believe we must care for our souls more than we care for our bodies and to read through the book above is the key to nurturing the soul.

    Take care, Mr. Grube, and know that you have affected my life and those around me for the better with these wonderful workouts and your advice.

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