Jump Rope To Thrive!

There are only a few exercises I will continually go back to over and over again because the benefits are amazing.

Jumping rope is one of those exercises.

Many waste their time on wasteful exercises that does little for them.

The simplest and the most basic are usually the most effective.

Using the jump rope in a circuit is going to make the other exercise a little tougher.

An example.

Doing weighted Stepups make jumping rope harder, the heavier your legs get the more of a chance missing on the rope.

Another example is the exercise Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts which MOST men can’t do, and if they can they are under 10, which is still impressive.

Most men will crumple up, and fold like a keyboard cunt, who is afraid some man will find out his identity.

But, adding the jump rope in between Ab Wheel Rollouts doesn’t really give you a rest, because Ab Wheel Rollouts have you breathing heavy on their own.

Sometimes I will cross the rope, and do some trick jumping, but I find it isn’t really important for a circuit.

Jumping rope keeps a man fast on his feet, quick and explosive.

Hitting the heavy bag and jumping rope between rounds keeps a man strong and conditioned.

There is no time to rest!

Resting only happens in a safe space, your mom’s basement!

It’s a simple tool people fear.

I use the jump rope for effectiveness, nothing else but to make me better conditioned to thrive!

All combat sports use the jump rope because it works.

Over all the man who jumps rope will be quicker and more explosive, with better movement, balance and a better body awareness.

BUT, you CAN’T jump rope hiding behind a keyboard, wishing you were a capable man, you need to work hard!

Use the jump rope make yourself a better athlete with a training tool you can buy for $5 bucks!

Johnny Grube


  1. Damn shame when grown adults live in their mom’s basement . They wouldn’t last 30 secs on the rope. Let alone the rope can’t even be used , it will keep hitting the ceiling lol . While they type we’ll keep gaining strength . Fuck weak men

  2. We definitely need another article or video . This sucks when there are no Wildman articles for this long lol .

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