Jumping Rope – A quick fat burner

Do you want to lose body fat fast? Do you want to become more athletic?
Then pick up a jump rope. Using a jump rope is one of the greatest exercises
that you can do to get into great shape. As a matter of fact look at men and
women who jump rope on a regular basis, you will see a lean, muscular

Jumping rope will strip away fat. Jumping rope will make you faster. Jumping
rope will make you quicker as well leaner. Jumping rope is a fast way to get into
shape. When I was a weight lifter you wouldn’t have caught me jumping rope.
I thought it was for girls or boxers, now I can’t believe that it was never apart of
my workouts.

I have become an athlete again and I know it was from becoming proficent
in jumping rope.

Here is a quick jump rope workout you can do. 20 minute time limit

Jump rope 1,500 times non stop then finish off with 50 burpees. ( no pushup ones )

The key is to jump rope as fast as possible, then move right to the burpees

Pretty simple, but very effective.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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