Keyboard Cunts!

I will no longer call weak men who can only fight hiding in their mom’s upstairs bedroom “Keyboard Warriors” they are

“Keyboard Cunts”

I have never seen such a weak society of mentally ill and physically weak males than today.

Notice, I don’t call them weak men, they are now called weak males.

Here is something one of these useless males wrote, he is almost begging for attention.

i like how you just shut the fuck up like a good bitch, there’s a niche in life for males like you theyre called BETAS

good beta bitch

A man that has no kids, no women, no job, is a male of no worth!

Males who remain hidden, can’t fight, they depend on the strong to protect them, they are inferior!

These were the kids walking around with the sign taped on their back saying “Kick Me”!

Weak males are pathetic boys who have not earned the right to be called anything close to men.

Their fathers are either weak males or embarrassed of how soft their off spring actually is.

And to think that fighting on social media in another state or country is being a tough guy are actually mentally ill.

You see it everywhere. And if called out in person, they would fold and cower like the delusional weakling they are.

These males are physically and mentally weak, and should be ignored, unless they have the guts to talk smack in person, but none ever will. They are safe behind closed doors, trolling people that hurt their little feelings.

Think about how pathetic a person has to be to hide, create multiple emails, to get attention because he is offended that he is still not a man, he needs attention like a five year old.

Laugh at these weak males, make fun of them, shame them.

I don’t know a man, worth a fuck who has the time to be so useless, and their everywhere, lurking, scared and wanting to be accepted!

Really, would an actual man with anything going on in life actually start an online argument?

No man I know.

And when they get offended about something said, it’s because it hit a nerve!

They always talk like fags, talking about dick sucking, what’s their agenda, a date?

These effeminate males hate when people create, they can’t stand that they have failed and they think by calling people names online is the only attention they will ever get.

It’s easy to stay hidden wishing they were men, instead of actually being a man.

It’s easier to be weak and lash out then to be strong.

At some point one of these weaklings are going to be tracked down and get wrecked by a man, while their mother trys to defend their effeminate weakling unproductive boy!

Never give attention to a man that doesn’t matter!

Johnny Grube


  1. The motherfuckers that do this have absolutely no class . You are absolutely right … The word “Men” doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence with these fucking clowns

  2. Marovsky says

    Yep, keyboard cunts are a waste of time and space.

  3. These people are pathetic, despicable people, deeply jealous of real men who accomplish things, who consider themselves “keyboard warriors”, when in reality they are “keyboard cowards.” They are of low self esteem, complete failures, who get their jollies disparaging people from afar.

  4. Slightly off topic but I feel like you, Marovsky, and Chuck would enjoy “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix. Rugged way of life where only the strong survive. Vikings (Danes) against English Villages and strongholds. Very realistic historical bio-pic.

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