Labor Strong-Gym Weak Part 1

Here is a topic always being talked about and it seems that some think that
going to the gym is the way to real strength and some think a labor is going
to be stronger because of the type of work he does day in and day out.

Well this is a topic I am the expert and at least can give you a bit of the experience
I have seen in my 30 years of training and being a laborer. Despite what anyone else
says I don’t know of many men that write or have books out that can really has any
where the experience I have in this subject. Anything I say or have said can be
validated by many many people over a lot of years.

Before I go any farther working once in a while in the yard pushing around a wheel
barrow or having a summer job mowing laws does not qualify you to comment on
this subject. I also don’t want to hear of one circumstance of one of the other I don’t
deal in circumstances. I will tell you what I have experienced and have seen in
my 30 years of working labor and growing up in a blue collar environment.

I don’t want to hear about the college grads that learned all their knowledge from
a book and who have spent even less time in a gym or working out. However, I do
know of men that make this fitness and strength a study and have for years, it’s been
their drive and desire and these people have put in the time and sweat.

It’s attitude we live in the easy way out lifestyle we believe the hype of the marketing
gurus and most have never spent any real time living the life of a laborer and someone
that very rarely ever missed a gym session and I like most, was fooled many years ago.

All I wanted to do was get strong and would do almost anything to get their. I spent
all the time I had reading, studying and lifting weights. And for the people that think
I need to edit my blogs, books and whatever else, there is a reason why my writing is
a little off.

It’s because when I should have of been studying and choosing a future I was worried
about lifting weights, parties,fighting and getting laid which brought  my first kid at 17
so English class wasn’t my first priority. Sorry. If you want correct punctuation read
your English teachers blog. Is it an excuse? No, I choose everyday what I want to do,
and did not always make the best choices but made the one that I thought were right.

So back to the the strength of the laborer verses gym strength all the years spent in gyms
and in the labor field I have seen a lot of soft ass cry baby laborers but I have seen way
more soft ass cry babies that train in a gym.

Anyone can go to the gym and think they are training but you put this guy in a physical
environment and almost always they collapse because their body is gym ready it’s not
real life ready in real life their are no sets or reps you do it until the days over you get
lunch a break go home shower do it again the next day no split routine no rest just more
body pounding.

If you were me, I trained before work and sometimes after and it was tough but it made me
a lot tougher and throw in attitude it’s a brutal combination.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. John, I too can relate to not paying attention in English class. When I was in high school, all I cared about was partying, drinking beer, girls, and playing athletics. To this day I can’t tell you, for example, where to use a semi-colon in a sentance. I usually have to have my secretary help me write a letter. I never got laid until I was 22 yrs. old because I was too shy…..probably a GOOD thing! I made up for this later in life, but had to work my ass off, big time. I barely graduated high school, and college the first time. Had to go back to college a second time at night school to finally get it. Took guts and determination. Keep writing John, I enjoy reading your articles.

    Warm Regards, Mike.

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