Labor Strong-Gym Weak Part 3

Labor Strong-Gym Weak Part 3

He is the million dollar question. If going to the gym will make you stronger
than a laborer then why is every man and gym trying to imitate the way a
laborer works? But to be cleaver the experts call it functional fitness or
functional strength. No matter how you look at it, it’s copying the way
of the laborer. Like martial arts that copy animal forms and techniques
experts are copying the way of the laborer.

Do you think that by smacking a sledge hammer on a tire for 3 minutes 3
times a week on a big tire is the same as a man who uses a sledge hammer
10 hours a day and has for 10 years.

Do you think by pulling a weighted sled with 50 lbs on it across a field is the
same as a dockman or a truck driver who pulls around a 2,000lb skid using
a manual pallet jack and sometimes on inclines?

Do you think by throwing tires you will develop the same strength of a man
that loads and unloads trailer loads of tires every day?

Do you think pushing a wheel barrow around with some weight plates will be
the same as a wheel barrow full of stone or broken concrete and pushup up
a ramp and dumped and repeated hundreds of times a day?

How many deadlifts do you need to do to equal the work a farmer does just
baling and stacking hay from sun up to sun down?

How about a furniture mover who has to dead lift all day long carry, load
move up and down stairs push and twist and use isometric holds while
standing their trying to negotiate a tight spot the strength they build
through out their bodies are amazing.

Never happen, most laborers won’t go into a gym and bench press 300lbs
or squat 500lbs either.

And for the people that think laborers are beneath them just remember without
the laborers you would homeless, hungry and naked you wouldn’t have roads
or any furniture you white collar workers would be forced to do it yourself white
collar workers and blue collar workers go hand in hand we need each other.

Building strength and physical fitness doesn’t require any special knowledge
your body will respond to the stress that is put on it. If you think by going to the
gym 3 times a week and taking more rest than doing actual work your body
will respond to what you give it. You will get results of someone who
trains 3 times a week.

The more time your muscles are put under tension the stronger they will become.
If you listen to the experts that swear you need to rest to get results have never
worked as a laborer. If you are a bodybuilder or want to look like a magazine
fitness model go ahead and listen and read every article out there for the
pretty boy look.

Real fitness is built over time and done as a lifestyle. Most that want the bodybuilder
look will never put in the time or have the discipline to accomplish anything close
to bodybuilding.

If it came down to whom I would want having my back it would be the laborer that
stays in good shape then over a guy that can bench 400lbs and jog 3 miles a day.

I’m a laborer by choice, I choose the life and it has taken good care of me and my
family. So unless someone has actually experienced this first hand almost their
whole life I can care less what you have to say.

Remember without laborers you would be homeless, hungry and naked!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. I was a roofer for five years. Carried 80 lb bundles up three stories across steep pitches. I also play rugby and it is no coincidence that i was at my fitest when i was roofing. Meanwhile muscleheads on the team were alwats tearing their pecs or bicep. All the labor made my limbs like old boat rope tough and my core solid from balancing heavy bundles.

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