Lead by Example! No Cry Babies

Lead by Example

I think that some don’t like when I post some things I do
for workouts. I do this because I want to lead by example,
and let people know that they can do it too.

I think most experts talk a good game, but aren’t really
that fit even though they spend all their time training
people, some are great most are not.

I also hear I don’t really want to help people; I just like
to brag, it isn’t bragging if you can do it. I have even
been called scrawny, amazing. I’m usually attacked
by men that are soft and weak and live a life of fraud and
do sorry workouts and want approval from other weak men.

Like attracts like, meaning people that drink usually hang
out in bars with other people, drug addicts spend time with
other drug addicts weak spend time with the weak and fit
spend time with the fit.

When I wanted a role model I looked for the legend in
bodyweight training, Paddy Doyle has broken 200
world records. Why would I follow anyone else?

His numbers are amazing; his physical and mental fitness
is far above anyone else’s, so why would I look up to anyone
else. I found that the attitude you have and the hard work
you put in will be your results.

The problem is we live in a time where smoking, drinking
and over eating is our way of life; and far too many people
are fooling themselves, if a few pushups and pull-ups are
your goal listen to everyone else, you want books go to
the book store and buy a book with programs anyone
can do.

You don’t have to listen or do anything I post, you can think
what you want; you can think your body will break down
from overuse, until than I will keep going and keep sending
out emails and posting blogs that inspire me.

I will continue to post for the men and women from around
the world, to the military to the martial artist, the fighters,
to the gym teacher passing it on to America’s children, to
the trainers, to the prison guards and State Police that use
the emails and training programs that have changed their
lives and training philosophy.

Lead by Example! NO excuses.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Thanks for the lead on “Paddy Doyle”

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