Let The Weak Become Extinct.

“Never fight for the pacifist, or respect them”

Stop looking to be every weak persons savoir, if they are capable and refuse to fight for themselves let them to their own extinction!

You are not the better man because you defend the capable weak, you are an idiot, these people are the parasites in society, they want what others have without the hard work.

Capable men who choose the easy parasitic path of looking for others to fight for their rights should starve and be homeless if they refuse to work for their home and food.

Never help the person who needs help, help people that shows by his actions that he WANTS help!

People need to earn their way, if you have been mentally indoctrinated into believing you are less, you are less and should be given nothing!

Fuck your feelings, go ahead and cry and whine about your life, talk about your depression to other weak people who will give you sympathy, talk about suicide, come see me and I’ll hand you the rope!

Give no one respect that hasn’t earned it, avoid these toxins that demand respect yet don’t respect themselves. People who demand respect never,  give respect and never earn it!

You don’t ever have to help people in need, how many step over the homeless everyday without a thought, don’t talk about your morality you have none, you have it when it suits you.


Johnny Grube


  1. Conan the barbarian says

    You’re mental.

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