Live A More Productive, Stronger Life Guaranteed!

Want to live a happier, stronger, more productive life guaranteed?




Do drugs.


Get fat.

Stay up late.

Live on social media.

Watch constant porn.

Watch t.v. all day, every day.

Play video games non stop.

Spend time around people who blame and make excuses for their lives.

Spend time around lazy, weak people, with no mission.

ALL are very addicting, and bad addictions.

It’s rare that those above listed bad habits improve people’s lives.



Get outdoors.

Eat natural food.

Read books.

Watch educational tv.

Get in bed early.

Spend time around people who take responsibility and accountability for their lives.

Spend time around strong people with a mission.

Johnny Grube 


  1. Tredwell Abrams says

    I love that you speak the truth. The more I do the above listed actions, the better my life gets.

  2. My man!

  3. Have you seen any of my weighted hill videos?

  4. Tredwell Abrams says

    Yes I have Johnny. I do something similar on my land with a 200lbs sandbag. I am a firm believer in your durability style workouts. This type of exercise helps me a lot with the military physical fitness test as well as our combat fitness test. Keep up the great writing and passing on this type of knowledge, not a lot of this going around anymore.

  5. Tredwell Abrams says

    I have a question: can I have permission to take a screenshot of your message and blow it up to poster size? My wife is a junior high teacher and wants to put this in her classroom, with your permission of course?


  7. Tredwell, love hearing from you stay in contact.

  8. Tredwell Abrams says

    Thank you very much for giving permission. This will help my wife and I bring your positive message of intelligence and strength to our youth.

  9. Tredwell Abrams says

    Semper Fi Brother! Keeping writing and speaking the truth!

  10. Thank you. I am going to print this out and keep it in my backpack at work. And send a copy to my kids.
    Simple stuff. The basics. Every time. And it works.
    Thanks again man.

  11. These points are absolutely spot on for a great life.

  12. I couldn’t say it an ybetter

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